Ergopower™ Power-Shift™ ATHENA™ Controls 11s

Deep Black, Bright Silver, or if you like, with carbon finish: three alternatives for personalising your bike to the max. The performance features are top of the line thanks to Power-Shift™ technology which enables multiple upshifting (3 gears) and single downshifting.

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alu / carbon-
372 g

Technical Specifications

for caliper brakes - composite body - brake lever in aluminium - Power- Shift mechanism - ergonomic brake lever with high fulcrum - closer brake lever - brake opening control integrated with the brake lever - insert for large hands - Vari-Cushion™ silicone hoods - No-Bulge™ housing path - minimum friction housings - front derailleur micro-adjustment possibility - multiple shifting


  • POWER-SHIFT™ MECHANISM: extremely fast and precise, it allows you to upshift by three sprockets at a time or downshift by one with just a single action.
  • ULTRA-SHIFT™ ERGONOMICS: ensures a firm grip on the handlebars and fast, precise control of the levers. The special ergonomic design makes it possible to assume three different hand positions on the levers compared to the two traditional ones.
  • ERGONOMIC BRAKE LEVER: lowered position of the fulcrum of the brake lever - reduces the stress of operating the brakes - greater braking modulability.
  • VARI-CUSHION™ HOOD: made of non-allergenic elastic material, with variable cushioning that provides the maximum comfort and safety even after many hours on the bike. Thanks to a special treatment, it is resistant to UV rays and maintains its original colours without fading.
  • DOUBLE CURVATURE BRAKE LEVER: allows you to engage and modulate the brake safely from any hand position.
  • INSERT FOR LARGE HANDS: greater safety and comfort for cyclists with large hands

* The nominal weight refers to the lighter specification among the available options. The weight of the hubs does not includes the quick-release.
The nominal weight does not take account of the sometimes considerable quantities of grease used in the assembly of the products.