Campy Tech Lab™


Campagnolo® Identificaition Card

C.i.C. Campagnolo® Identification Card

100% Manually assembled and Electronically checked

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Quick release Campagnolo®

Quick release CampagnoloŽ

The mechanics and the design are those of the well-tested Campagnolo® patent, and the lever has been designed for the maximum aerodynamic penetration.

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Hologram Campagnolo®

Hologram Campagnolo®

From this year on, to defend its image and quality, and to protect the end customer, Campagnolo® applies a hologram decal to every wheel in its Bora range to certify that it is an original Campagnolo® product.



If you find a little label affixed to Campagnolo® products, don't remove it. This is because it is there to provide you with a guarantee that in the event of the ascertained defectiveness of a production batch your component or wheel will be traceable. All this because, faithful to its mission, Campagnolo® demands absolute perfection and safety for its customers.

It's the pride and joy of our company, the beating heart that delivers the innovations and the innumerable patents that over the years have contributed to creating and preserving the Campagnolo legend.

Inside the Campy Tech Lab™, highly sophisticated products are designed, tested, and developed that embody the DNA of CampagnoloŽ, a company that in its almost 80 years of life has made bicycle history and finds its maximum expression and reason for existence in this container of experience, passion, and abnegation for innovation.

The Campy Tech Lab™ is imbued with a culture of thinking projected into the future, constant analysis of what can be improved but above all what we really want to innovate.

Here, designing a drivetrain or a wheel means first and foremost sharing the concept of technology at the service of real people, where the design objective cannot be a single one but has to incorporate the right balance between equally important factors: performance, reliability, quality, design, and safety. Safety is the common denominator at Campagnolo: the standards that the Campy Tech Lab™ imposes on the products it develops exceed even up to five times those prescribed by the regulations, because our most indispensable aim is to protect the rider.

And then the victories of so many champions of the past and present, who with our products have realised and continue to realise their most fantastic dreams, represent the essence of excellence and the quest for the maximum performance that the Campy Tech Lab™ makes available to all cycling lovers who day by day take our technologies out onto the roads of the world... and you know very well that no one ever wins by chance.