The secret of Campagnolo has always been summarised in three keywords: innovation, performance, and quality. We know that the quest for absolute precision and operating efficiency is what makes it possible to develop revolutionary technologies and products.

Those who are passionate are always highly attentive and well-informed. They know the products inside-out, discuss them in depth in the blogs and forums dedicated to the world of cycling, but often they don’t have the opportunity to verify the actual quality of these products themselves until after purchasing them.

But Campagnolo has the deep conviction that the only way to evaluate the advantages of the new technologies developed and applied to new products is to try them out.

This is the reason why Campagnolo created the Test 11 initiative.

At the Campagnolo® Pro-Shops certified as Campagnolo® Test Centers, you can do a road test on bikes equipped with 11-speed drivetrains and wheels featuring 2-Way Fit™, the revolutionary rim technology that makes it possible to fit either a tubeless tire or a classic clincher tire.

The Test 11 initiative is taking place in the following countries:

Benelux(February - May) After the road test, Benelux participants can subscribe on the ICC website. At the end of the project, a lottery will be organised among the participants and the winner will win his or her own test bike! United Kingdom(March - June) USA/CANADA(March - July) The Campagnolo Test 11 Program starts in North America March 1, 2010 and runs through July 2010. If you don’t find a Test 11 Center in your area, please ask about it at your local retailer. Check back with us regularly as we are adding Test 11 Centers daily. For additional information; contact Campagnolo North America Inc. at 760-931-0106. AUSTRALIA(April – July)

What are you waiting for?
Now it’s your turn! Choose your bike and take off for TEST 11!

See the list of Pro-shop Test Centers that are participating in the initiative.

Cyclists are never satisfied, neither the pros nor the amateurs. This is why Campagnolo® decided to offer you an added advantage: the 11-speed groupset.

Campagnolo® 11-speed groupsets are the last word in bike technology.

The shifters, front derailleur, and rear derailleur offer incredible performance, faster and more precise, quieter and more fluid.

The 11-speed sprockets and chains provide optimum synchronisation, greater shifting speed, less stress on the chain, and faster gear shifting even under stress.

The 11-speed crankset features ESP (Enhanced Shifting Performance) Actuation System technology, which improves the shifting synchronism. Two zones for uphill shifting and two zones for downhill shifting.

The new 12-29 sprocket set also guarantees higher performance than a triple.

And as of this year, the 11-speed project has been expanded with the introduction of the Athena™ 11 Speed groupset, the first with silver finish, which now joins the Super Record™, Record™ and Chorus™ groupsets.

For more details on the 11-speed groupset, click here
2-Way Fit™ is the innovative rim profile that makes it possible to fit both a tubeless tire and a standard clincher tire on the same wheel.

So you’ll have the chance to try out a wheel that is versatile, safe, smooth, and extremely comfortable.

The Campagnolo® wheels featuring 2-Way Fit™ technology are Shamal™ Ultra™ 2-Way Fit™, Eurus™ 2-Way Fit™ and the new Zonda™ 2-Way Fit™.

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