The story of Campagnolo through its logos

Campagnolo is a company that has made history. Its 75 years in business, product development, major victories and even the evolution of the brand and logo over time are testimony.

As a company grows over time, it consolidates its identity, it adjusts its target and its image follows in the wake of these changes. It is curious to see where it came from and where it is now. Outlines, colours and styles have changed. The only thing that remains over time is product quality, and the passion with which each individual component is devised, designed and made. Discover the evolution of the Campagnolo brand and logo!

Brand Logo
  • 1952
    Campagnolo writing
  • 1954
    international status
  • 1976
    the current version
  • 1977
    Campagnolo diminutive

1952 Campagnolo writing

In 1952, the Campagnolo brand had attained international fame. The company?s name was registered with very simple, clean graphics.

Capitals were chosen for the name of the brand that was destined to write the history books of cycling.

International status

In the same period of time, Campagnolo was still changing. The brand name written in capital letters was replaced with the signature of the company founder, Tullio Campagnolo, shown in the forefront with a stylized drawing in the background. Initially, a sun with meridians and parallels of latitude could be seen behind the writing Campagnolo, but over the years it became a simpler sketch of the world.

The message is clear: in the 1950s, Campagnolo had become a company that was expanding its horizons on an international level.

In 1976, the Campagnolo brand, comprising the signature of its founder with the world in the background was set inside an oval, making it easier to apply to products and all printed material, such as labels.

In 1979, the brand was changed slightly, the graphic layout remained essentially the same, with bright colours replacing the black and white. The result appealed to young people and was very eye-catching, and is indeed still widely used in the USA.

1976 The current version

The Campagnolo brand was simplified once more in 1976, becoming the logo still used today. Campagnolo had reached an international level of acclaim and become a synonym for quality.

There was no longer a need for graphics to frame the writing Campagnolo, a reproduction of the founder?s signature remains, in the same graphics as the brand that came into being in the early ?50s. No other subject could better represent a company that over the years has grown considerably, broadening its fame around the globe.

The colour choice is of note; the colour blue, an institutional blue that still distinguishes Campagnolo, is used.

1977 Diminutivi Campagnolo

Campagnolo is now a well-consolidated company and its relations with countries other than Italy are growing on a daily basis. Like anything that becomes familiar and well-know, people began to come up with company nicknames.

Thanks to its popularity in English-speaking countries, the Campagnolo name became, over time, abbreviated to Campy in publications and correspondence. This prompted the decision to register and protect the nickname, making it an integral part of the Vicenza-based company.

1943 Winged wheel

Campagnolo was established in 1933 by Tullio Campagnolo.

In 1943, exactly ten years later, the first Campagnolo logo was made official: the historic winged wheel. The design reflects the company well, highlighting the quick release, a component that owes its origins to the ingenious intuition of the company founder and that remains today the universal standard.

1943-1948 The wheel takes flight

In the years that followed, the Campagnolo logo was changed slightly; initially the word cambio (rear derailleur) was moved outside the wheel to make it more visible and then, in 1948, it was removed altogether as the company?s range had expanded.

The Vicenza-based company no longer focused exclusively on the manufacture of rear derailleurs and began manufacturing numerous other components for the bicycle. The wings were also redesigned and streamlined, reflecting the desire to take flight effortlessly and reach a standard a step above other parts manufacturers.

1982-1986 Towards the shield

The winged wheel was updated and in 1982 a new logo, a twist on the original from the ?40s, was registered. The new design was much more basic than its predecessors; the wheel lost its spokes keeping only the rim, the wings and quick release were stylized further to convey the overall impression of being light.

The same winged wheel was changed again in 1983 inside the shield designed specially in celebration of the company?s fifty years in business and, with the addition of the writing CAMPAGNOLO, is the shield that still symbolizes the company around the globe, appearing on each company product.

All the brandnames presented here belong to Campagnolo S.r.l.