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Campagnolo Performance Apparel

11 December 2017
Campagnolo Performance Apparel

Cycling Experts: From Components to Clothing.

While frames might represent the beauty of a bike, much like the body of the car, the movement is where the magic happens and nobody knows movement better than Campagnolo. With over 80 years of expertise in producing and innovating both transmissions and wheels Campagnolo had movement covered. Now, with the introduction of a complete line of performance cycling wear, Campagnolo has you, the cyclist, covered…literally. By producing finely crafted hard goods, Campagnolo is able to make fast frames faster and with a new comprehensive line of performance technical wear, those fast bikes now have an even more efficient engine: you the rider. Just as with the components and wheels it produces, the Italian brand’s clothing follows a “performance first” philosophy.

From the top to the bottom of the range fabrics, design elements and specific technologies are incorporated to ensure comfort and efficiency, leading to competitive advantages come race day. With specially selected materials to confer aerodynamic advantages, anatomic cut to ensure an aero yet comfortable fit, and highly flexible fabrics that allow for extreme freedom of movement while incorporating compression elements to keep riders fresh it is evident that the design team took the Campagnolo dedication to improving the cycling experience seriously.

The performance element is important but only insofar as it lasts for the life of a given product. Campagnolo aims to produce not only performance but also performance that lasts, whether it be in hard or soft goods and this clothing line is not different. Advanced construction methods, triple-thread seams where possible, anti-abrasion fabrics on contact points, zip garages and antibacterial treatments make for garments that, true to Campagnolo fame, “wear in, not out”. Comfortable for the longest day in the saddle, performance oriented to make the difference on race day and durable enough for daily use, the Campagnolo cycling kit is aimed at becoming the staple of the discerning cyclist’s wardrobe. The entire line is race ready but with comfortable, no-compromise performance construction and design, even the most extreme pieces are equally at home in both competition or the long epic ride with friends.

For its introduction, Campagnolo cycling wear will be presented via the Spring/Summer 2018 line and will be comprised of a complete range of warm to mid-season garments for both men and women. Bibs, jerseys, socks, jackets, gilets and a great deal more, Campagnolo has you covered…not only for your drivetrain and wheel needs anymore.

Proudly made in Italy, the new clothing line from Campagnolo is available almost exclusively via internet on the company’s web store, which has been updated to ensure a more efficient and visually pleasing consumer experience.

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