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Bora Ultra 80 - Pista Version

27 July 2016
Bora Ultra 80 - Pista Version

Bora Performance and Quality: Not Only for the Asphalt.

The Bora Ultra line of wheels needs no introduction as it is perhaps the most victorious and certainly the most respected wheelset amongst the ranks of professional road cycling. Campagnolo, while perhaps more famous for its numerous achievements at the highest level of road cycling, also has a significant reputation for accomplishments on the track. To continue in growing that long list of track accomplishments, the success from certain road specific products could be applied towards victory on the track. With this in mind the R&D staff at Campagnolo have set out to bring the unrivaled performance and reliability of the Bora wheelset and unleash it upon not only asphalt but also wood racing circuits. The result of their work comes in the form of the new BORA ULTRA 80 track version. Coming on the heels of the recent track specific wheel project, the hour record winning Ghibli, the Bora Ultra 80 track version is yet another example of a renewed interest in bringing the level of performance on the track to the level that we all have come to expect from Campagnolo on the road. Available only as a front wheel, the Bora Ultra 80 designed for racing on the oval circuit takes the proven performance design of the Bora Ultra 80 for the road and incorporates a modified hub that renders it applicable to track frames. The Bora Ultra 80 track hub is made of carbon fiber with aluminum flanges in order to ensure lightweight but stiff, reactive and reliable construction. Slight modifications have been made to the road version of the hub in order to allow for track specific axle and closure. The same CULT ceramic bearings that have ushered in numerous historic victories on the road in addition to the hour record on the track will be carried over from the road version of this wheel. The use of CULT ceramic bearings on the track is sure to give those lucky enough to use this new wheel a serious performance advantage as they spin up to 9 times more freely than standard bearings.

Much thought was put into the decision of the specific rim to incorporate in this new wheel. The lightweight nature of both the 35 and 50mm profiles of the Bora make them fantastic wheels for the steep climbs generally associated with road racing but offer little benefit for track use. The specific advantages of an 80mm rim become even more pronounced when applied to the track, where climbing is never necessary. The freedom to use an 80mm rim on the track comes also from the fact that there is never any danger of cross-winds destabilizing the rider…only benefits from a lightning fast, aerodynamic and quick spinning rotational mass that is capable of reducing time on the clock and increasing positions on the podium. The same highly advanced carbon construction methods used in producing all Bora rims are utilized in the build of these track rims and ensure a reliability and integrity above and beyond anything else available. The sophisticated construction techniques make for an extremely reactive and rigid structure, aided by the MoMag technology which eliminates any holes on the tire side of the rim and requires no drilling for spoke holes on the internal side, leaving the carbon fiber unaltered and thus more reliable. Add in Dynamic Rim Balance construction as well to compensate for the eventual added weight of a valve and you have a wheel that will roll smoothly and in a perfectly efficient manner no matter the speed.

The Bora Ultra 80 track version matches perfectly to the Ghibli disc wheel to make an extremely competitive and race-winning combination. The two wheels work well together for all of the track disciplines involving group activity such as the points race, Madison, Elimination and Scratch thanks to the extreme lightweight of both the disc wheel (perhaps the lightest available) as well as the Bora Ultra 80’s 705 grams. The Bora Ultra 80 track version brings Bora performance to the track and with it, Campagnolo results. Previously well known for climbing mountains and crushing time trials on the road, the Pista version of the Bora will be sure to climb podiums and crush records on the wooden boards of the track.

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