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The C13: a chain capable of tackling any gravel route

10 February 2021
The C13: a chain capable of tackling any gravel route

The Ekar chain is built to withstand the rigours of gravel riding, and benefits from some special design features and unique processing before it’s fitted to your bike.


Ekar, the new gravel-focused groupset, is designed to bring all the benefits of a 1x drivetrain system to life with a unique 13-speed cassette that delivers not only a wide range of gear ratios, but also natural feeling cadence management with a steady progression through the gears.



Every element of the whole groupset has been developed together, and to enable the specially designed derailleur to smoothly access the 13 sprockets, at its heart is a new chain, C13, which is 0.25mm thinner than the 12-speed Super Record, but just as strong and durable.

C13 is available in two variant options when you spec Ekar for your new build or upgrading your gravel ride: Classic Ultra-Link™ pins or the new C-Link™ system which can be undone and reconnected as often as you need. Thanks to the unique design of the derailleur and cassette shape, the same chain length accommodates all the different options for front chainring and rear cassette gearing options, so it’s the only chain you need!



In order to achieve the best combination of performance, low friction and long life, the C13 chain is made using a specific selection of materials and surface finishes. The inner links are crafted from a special type of steel and coated with a specific surface treatment, while the outer links are made from a steel with high tensile strength, before being coated with a surface treatment.

Together, they work to resist wear and tear, mechanical stress and extreme environmental conditions.



Together, they work to resist wear and tear, mechanical stress and extreme environmental conditions.

But what really sets the C13 chain apart in the gravel world is the special lubrication process it undergoes at the Campagnolo plant in Vicenza, Italy.


How our special lubricant is applied


The gradual process that we use ensures that the special lubricating formula penetrates deeply and evenly into every part of each chain link.

In a carefully controlled environment, designed to ensure that no unwanted dust or moisture causes contamination during the process, 30 pieces of chain, each measuring 45 m in length, are simultaneously passed through baths of grease-based lubricant, which is heated to high temperatures.

This lubricant is created according to a special formula exclusive to Campagnolo.

The chain is then moved through a system of rollers to ensure that every single part is fully lubricated, even the smallest.

The C13 chain is then cooled and coated with a special primer.

Ekar chains are cut to size: 149.1 cm/ 118 links for the classic Ultra-Link™ option, and 117 links and a length of 147.84 cm for the C-Link™ option, in addition to the connecting link.

Quality controls and test procedures are carried out on each C13 chain, to ensure that they meet the high standards expected of Campagnolo. The chains are then all packaged in their individual boxes.




The finished C-13 chain is now set to perform at the highest level as part of the Ekar groupset, to withstand the testing conditions of gravel riding on mixed terrain and in all weather. However and wherever you ride, with minimal maintenance you can expect maximum long term results. 


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