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Ekar’s brakes: the art of control

25 November 2020
Ekar’s brakes: the art of control

Power, control and feeling – Campagnolo sits where science meets art

“It’s tremendously reassuring how the ‘feel’ of Ekar’s brakes has been received and reported right around the world”

Like all Campagnolo innovations and developments, the braking components in the Ekar groupset – controls, calipers and rotors – are based on carefully considered research, measurements and calculations, but that science is all tempered with the hands-on art – judging how they feel, operating in the real world.

And when it comes to Ekar’s braking system, it couldn’t be more “hands on”.



At Campagnolo we're gravel riders ourselves so we appreciate that there are many different challenges faced by our fellow gravel riders around the world, be that in terms of the demands put on bikes though in high-wattage race efforts or over long distances in rough terrain, but also of the impact of the elements – the constant fight with rough surfaces, and how momentum, balance and control are affected by gravel, grit, sand, mud, water, snow… with their threats to performance, smoothness and durability.



For every element of the braking system, as with the whole Ekar groupset, we employ a circular development process – theory, design, and testing both in the field and in the lab – feeding back into the next phase to produce features that are proven to work on the trail.


Comfortable controllers


Ekar’s aluminum brake levers live within the Ergopower controllers. Their Vari-Cushion™ hood provides comfortable, safe grip in any riding position and any off-road conditions.

That comfort is complemented by the levers’ reach regulation adjustments, which make it easy to fit your hand and finger size, whatever your riding style.



The gravel-focused performance benefits from an enhanced grip, with sweat- and wear-resistant additional laser-cut texture on the controllers’ cover.

Of course it’s through the levers that you feel the actions and judge the feedback of the other braking components doing their job.


Powerful calipers & robust rotors


The hydraulic system’s internals are shared with Campagnolo’s high-performance ranges, to deliver familiar stopping power, modulation and progressive feel, honed for all-road control.

They are matched with 1.85mm thick tempered stainless steel rotors which are strong yet light, and are resistant both to corrosion through the elements and to distortion through heat.



Two rotor diameter options – 140 or 160mm – will suit your riding style. The DB310 pads have their own organic compound that delivers predictable and progressive braking performance in wet or dry conditions, but also last for high mileage.

The trust between your brain, fingers and brake go deep.


When former road pro Mattia Di Marchi tested prototypes and early production models in Italy, he was impressed with how Ekar’s brakes felt:

“The brake system surprised me as well. Modular, precise and effective in any situation and terrain condition.”

Quantifiable factors – such as stopping force, the ability of discs and pads to perform in wet or dry, hot and cold, and the longevity of components, including fluid and pads – is essentially, the ‘science’.

But what’s more difficult to quantify is how it feels: that’s the ‘art’, the more nebulous comfort and confidence-inspiring progressive smoothness.

So what’s tremendously reassuring is how the ‘feel’ of Ekar’s brakes has been received and reported right around the world.



The USA’s Road Bike Action team felt they were on to a winner:

“The real highlight for us is the feel and modulation of the hydraulic brakes. We’ve been mightily impressed with Campagnolo’s hydro disc brakes since the launch a few years ago, but in the dirt their quality and performance is only further amplified. With traction being a constant battle in the dirt, the modulation of the Ekar brakes is in our opinion the best balance of power and feel.”

Being based in the UK, know about riding in testing weather conditions:

“The Ekar brakes offer modulation that gives brilliant control, with power there if or when it is needed. From the drops the braking is brilliant, helped by the lever's nice curved shape being easy to reach and pull.”



Australian-based CyclingTips praised the attention to detail you notice when you’re hands-on:

“Campagnolo has invested the effort to seal off the empty left-hand lever body so there are no weird pockets or sharp edges, leaving a pleasantly smooth and finished feel in your hand.”



In continental Europe, Spain’s TopBici recognised the benefits when switching between road and off-road:

“Effective and powerful, they are an ideal complement in a high-performance group like this one. Its operation has pleased us both when driving on stretches of asphalt, where greater progressiveness is sought, and on paths and dirt roads, where sometimes you require faster reaction.”

While Italy’s MTB-Mag immediately felt confident:

“The brakes are great... not too aggressive and very good modulation. No fatigue problems even on steep trails.”

Whatever the conditions on your trails and gravel path, we’re confident that Ekar’s brakes will give you the confidence you need to ride well and ride happy.

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