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G3 Spoke Pattern

9 May 2021
G3 Spoke Pattern

The G3 system keeps all opposing forces balanced, and results in sharp, intuitive handling and instant acceleration.

Convention states that wheels should be built with an even number of spokes on each side, and that spokes should only be laced radially, or crossed over each other.

Campagnolo’s wheels are exceptional, not conventional, something partly demonstrated by their unique G3 spoke pattern.

When compared to a traditional wheel, Campagnolo’s G3 assembly architecture improves energy transfer, reduces the stress on the spokes, and increases lateral rigidity.

G3 refers to groups of three parallel straight-pull spokes, which are arranged in a 2:1 ratio, so one side of the wheel has twice as many spokes as the other.



This allows them to counteract the asymmetric drivetrain and disc brake forces acting on a wheel, and to balance the effect of differing dish angles. A G3 pattern wheel offers more symmetrical performance by equalising the load.

The wheel’s energy transfer and lateral rigidity are improved, and overall spoke tension is optimised, reducing localised stress and increasing the wheels’ lifespan.

The way that the G3 system compensates for the forces acting on both sides of the wheel, and the rim profile, prevents wheel vibrations, even for heavier riders.



Campagnolo wheels for rim brakes have radial spokes at the front, with a G3 pattern rear comprising just 21 spokes. The efficiency and effectiveness of G3 means the wheel needs less spokes than usual, saving rotational mass.

All Campagnolo disc brake wheels have 24 G3 pattern spokes each, and differ from each other by having more spokes on the disc rotor (left) side of the front wheel, while the rear wheel has more spokes on the drivetrain (right) side, because this produces more rotational torque than the rear disc brake.

The oversized hub flange which anchors the side of a G3 wheel with the most spokes is known as Mega G3.

By creating the parallel stance of the spokes, and shortening their distance to the rim, it further increases the wheel’s torsional stiffness, and its responsiveness.

The torsional load resulting from disc braking is directly absorbed by a front G3 disc wheel’s oversized hub flange, and its greater spoke count.



With an oversized drive side hub flange, a disc brake rear wheel built with cross-laced spokes will transfer 70% of the braking torque load through the hub body to the larger flange.

Campagnolo’s G3 hubs and spoke system transfer 100% of this load, therefore requiring fewer radial spokes on the brake side, and reducing overall weight.

The G3 system keeps all opposing forces balanced, and results in sharp, intuitive handling and instant acceleration.



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