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Garmin supports Campagnolo EPS V3

12 April 2016
Garmin supports Campagnolo EPS V3


Another move towards improving the cycling experience comes in the form of collaboration between Garmin and Campagnolo.

On the heels of the recent launch of the Campagnolo EPS V3 drivetrain and the subsequent launch of the MyCampy application another move towards improving the cycling experience comes in the form of collaboration between Garmin and Campagnolo. The newest version of the Campagnolo EPS electronic drivetrain offers a performance without rival and together with the app, permits 100% customization as well. The ANT+ and Bluetooth LE antennas located inside the interface enable the Campagnolo EPS drivetrain to communicate directly with not only a large number of smartphones, but also with Garmin Edge 520 and Garmin Edge 1000 head units. Thanks to the new software updates released by Garmin, the fruits of the collaboration between the iconic Italian cycling brand and one of the premier tech brands in the world can be enjoyed by all cycling enthusiasts.

Owners of the Campagnolo EPS V3 groupset (Super Record EPS and Record EPS) who also own an Edge 520 or 1000 headunit can take advantage of this new opportunity by simply installing the new software update which will permit several options such as the visualization of the current gear position, the gear ratio and the battery life directly on their Garmin device. Availability of real-time information on the handlebar represents a safety and performance advantage as it eliminates the need to move one’s head to see the gearing, keeping your eyes closer to the road. However, it also ties in perfectly with the functions of the MyCampy app and allows for some very in depth analytics to be done after the ride as well. For those cyclists who own an older version of EPS (V1 or V2) an upgrade to the V3 version is as easy as changing the Power Unit and Interface. Upgrade kits are available and give access to all of the performance advantages and customization opportunities that the V3 version offers, without the need to replace the entire groupset.


To download the latest software version for Garmin Edge 520 and 1000 more information can be found at

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