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MyCampy App now available also for iOS

3 May 2016
MyCampy App now available also for iOS


MyCampy: your cycling world now available also for iOS.

Campagnolo has produced a cornucopia of fantastic products and unique performance solutions over the course of its long and prestigious history and the one thing missing was not a physical component but rather a system that helps the cyclist manage his cycling componentry and certain aspects of his or her cycling in a complete and efficient manner. By way of the recently launched MyCampy App, Campagnolo has created a product that does just that, all in the palm of your hand…and all for free! Initially offered to the public on the Android platform, Campagnolo is pleased to announce that those using the iOS operating system upon their smartphones can now improve their cycling experience via the MyCampy app too. Now both Android and iOS users can reap the benefits of the MyEPS, MyGarage, MySessions and the Campagnolo newsfeed via the highly useful and free application by simply downloading the app from either the Play Store or iTunes (depending on which device you own).

The MyCampy app is a very versatile tool that is capable of improving your cycling experience in many ways.

Some of its principal functions include:

-MyGarage: keep a detailed look over all of your cycling equipment, know exactly how many kilometers each and every component, wheel, chain or cassette has done and when it might be time to perform general maintenance to keep things functioning like new.

-MyEPS: offers the possibility of interacting in a 360° manner with your Campagnolo electronic drivetrain by connecting wirelessly with your EPS groupset in order to: fully customize commands and system performance, instantly download and install new firmware, offer real-time diagnostics for each and every individual EPS component

-MyCampySessions: a sophisticated analytical tool that offers a unique look into your performance in addition to how it is affected by your use of components. Track each and every shift, know exactly where when and how you were riding a specific segment in addition to getting tips and suggestions to improve your efficiency on the bike all in conjunction with the newest wireless capabilities of the V3 EPS Interface.

-Campagnolo Newsfeed: Stay up to date with all of the latest happenings in the world of Campagnolo…race results, new product launches, events etc all in one app.

Download MyCampy app for Android or for IOS device

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