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MyCampy 2.0: preview at Eurobike

24 August 2017
Products Campagnolo MyCampy 2.0: preview at Eurobike

The New and Improved Version of Your Cycling World In the Palm of Your Hand.

The introduction of the MyCampy app was a special event on many levels. It marked Campagnolo’s first effort in producing a digital solution for the cyclist as opposed to one made of steel, titanium or carbon fiber. It also marked the first FREE product for a brand typically associated with premium prices for premium quality. It also represented a first for the cycling market, as a free, comprehensive cycling companion of this specific nature had never before been seen.

However, what made the introduction of the application most special was not the interesting solutions that came about in its first iteration but rather the fact that it was a “living tool” of sorts that, capable of evolving and adapting, stands to become ever more useful to cyclists through constant updates. MyCampy 2.0 showcases just how the application can and has evolved to become an integral part of improving the cycling experience. The application’s mission is to become the rider’s companion insofar as he or she interacts with the tools of the cyclist’s trade: the bicycle and its componentry.

The first version of the application represented a huge step in this direction and garnered a great deal of respect and praise as a result. Campagnolo staff however, true to form and with a dedication to continuous innovation, was not content to leave a successful app alone and set forth from day one of MyCampy 1.0 towards perfecting this technology for version 2.0. Through research and feedback analysis areas for improvement were identified and an action plan was developed to make these necessary changes in addition to adding new features that were not included within the first release.


While the areas of MyGarage, MyEPS, MySessions, MyAccount and Campy World provided a way for clients to interact, monitor and maintain their componentry like never before, Campagnolo sought to find ways to streamline their interaction in all areas of the application and render it more user friendly. More efficient, easier, faster and intuitive the user experience has been completely overhauled and MyCampy 2.0 is now in a better position to form an integral part of the athlete’s overall cycling experience. Version 2.0 builds upon a solid foundation of great ideas from version 1.0 but incorporates a completely new graphic interface, new methods for interaction, improved connectivity and simplified processes. Every effort was taken to analyze even the smallest details and the most remote feedback in order to ensure that the latest version of MyCampy would be capable of becoming a useful and easy part of the cyclist’s daily routine.

The MyGarage section of the app is the foundation around which the rest of MyCampy is constructed. It is a virtual garage of sorts where each component is accounted for as a running tally of usage is applied to every single part after each ride. A completely new dashboard and advisory system not only gives the cyclist total kilometers that each wheel, chain, brake pad, frame, nut and bolt has been used but a new color coded dial gives a visual indication as to when it might be time to perform general maintenance to keep things functioning like new. The new version of the application indicates to the cyclist at a moment’s glance exactly how close he or she is to needing to perform any sort of maintenance in order to allow for prior planning before that long winter training ride or epic riding vacation in some far away cycling paradise. Great lengths were taken to render the creation of each component and complete bike as simple, quick and intuitive as possible and interaction with all components a task that even the most technologically averse user feels confident in taking on. The introduction of disc brake componentry saw the need to re-organize the pathway to create a bicycle for the garage and the new release offers complete compatibility with both rim or disc brake configured bicycles.

MyEPS offers the possibility of interacting in a 360° manner with your Campagnolo electronic drivetrain by connecting wirelessly with your EPS groupset in order to: fully customize commands and system performance, instantly download and install new firmware, offer real-time diagnostics for each and every individual EPS component. The connectivity process has been improved, each and every function streamlined and the entire area rendered more intuitive in the new version of the application.

While the MyGarage area of the application helps the rider maintain his or her cycling gear, the MySessions area is designed around giving the rider vital information that helps analyze and improve interaction with componentry. Aside from providing MyGarage with the kilometric data necessary to determine overall use of a given component or bike the MySessions section is a sophisticated analytical tool that offers a unique look into the performance indicators of the individual athlete and highlights just how those performance indicators are affected by use of the drivetrain. In other words, MySessions gives a great deal of unique insight on how performance correlates with drivetrain interaction. The MySessions area is also capable of giving tips and suggestions to improve your efficiency on the bike all in conjunction with the newest wireless capabilities of the V3 EPS Interface. Analytics have been improved a great deal in the newest version of the app and additional visualizations have been incorporated into the mobile experience.

While the lion’s share of attention was dedicated to improving the user experience on the mobile site, the visual experience and display organization has been adapted on the web side of the MyCampy application as well. In an effort to offer the most seamless and unified experience possible the visual and organizational changes that will now be seen on mobile devices will be visualized in the same way upon the desktop or tablet. While every effort has been taken to ensure the highest level of analytical detail and navigation via the mobile app, the desktop side of the application serves to give a larger, more comfortable view in addition to even more profound analytical solutions for the data contained within MyCampy.

MyCampy’s introduction over a year ago was a huge milestone for the company and it represented a first for Campagnolo but also for the cyclist. The first free tool to aid in managing one’s cycling 360° insofar as it relates to the physical tools necessary to carry out the most beautiful sport this world knows goes by the name of MyCampy. The second version of this application takes those initial steps towards improving the cycling experience and goes even further towards creating a daily companion.


MyCampy 2.0 seeks to improve the cycling experience for all, not only for riders choosing EPS but also for those who wish to ride mechanical drivetrains. It brings about benefits not only for Campagnolo users but also to those running drivetrains or wheels from competing brands. MyCampy is YOUR cycling companion, no matter what. 

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