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How we work

Designed in Vicenza, Made in the EU

Campagnolo products are created in Italy, in Vicenza. Campagnolo is the only components company in the cycling world with its own production units, all located in Europe.

An important choice dictated on the one hand by the logics of modern industry and on the other by the need to maintain total control over all the processes involved. All Campagnolo components and wheels are conceived, designed and developed in Vicenza by our R&D division, the Campy Tech Lab. In the same way as development, the testing stages are carried out in house, involving both technologically cutting-edge machines and road trials.

A fundamental part of the development process is followed through by Campagnolo-sponsored pro teams. They are the ideal terrain for in-field testing of quality, durability and efficacy of all the solutions proposed by the R&D division. Only part of the assembly of some components is carried out in Romania, at the two units owned by the Campagnolo group. Two extremely innovative plants, completely integrated into the operations and logistics processes, ensure a quick flexible response to market requirements.

The partnership of artisanship and industry

On the one hand, Campagnolo is an important industry, on the other it still holds great store by those founding values that have made it a recognized, distinctive brand.

Meticulous attention to detail, a quest for perfect functioning and increasingly better performance and focus on the safety aspect are all elements still prioritized today, more than 80 years after foundation of our company. This is why you will still come across the odd file, anvil or hammer in Vicenza. Tools from the past that even now play an important role, especially during the finishing process of the “models”.

The Campagnolo factory is somewhere you breathe work, where the experience of each individual worker still counts for so much, where tradition and knowhow are still handed down. A partnership between the artisanship characteristic of knowhow and a need for modern production that have turned the workshop in Corso Padova into a very important industry.

Hands and high tech, two elements that stand for the added value of Campagnolo products.

Our patents

Knowledge and innovation are our company’s real assets. Campagnolo can also be described as a factory of ideas, a workshop where new solutions take shape. Not by chance did the company logo in the past read “Campagnolo - international patents”.

Today Campagnolo has more than 2,000 internationally registered industrial patents, for the widest range of articles in the cycling world, from materials, to aerodynamics, mechanisms, etc.

Campagnolo around the world

For a modern company, a global market does not just mean selling and distributing its products all over the world. It also means supporting its partners right along the distribution channel, and above all it means also guaranteeing all clients a top class assistance service.

To achieve these objectives, from Vicenza Campagnolo coordinates all activities on a global level and operates on all 5 continents thanks to a network made up of 5 sales offices (North America, Spain, France, Germany and Japan) and a logistics center in Taiwan. We work through agencies in Great Britain and Benelux, while in the rest of the world we boast collaboration with more than 70 distributors in 32 countries.
This, however, is not all. Support for the end user is then guaranteed on every continent, at a local level by a network of 800 specialized stores called Pro-Shops. These are points of reference for the client, from both a technical and assistance aspect and for availability of Campagnolo products.

Another project receiving considerable interest is Campy CODE, selected stores inside the Pro-Shop network. Here clients will find all the latest Campagnolo products, a wide range of articles and above highly specialized personnel trained directly by Campagnolo.

Our company also takes part in the main sector fairs, very important opportunities for dialogue with the market, showcasing and discussing new solutions made in Vicenza. Some of the most important are Eurobike, the English Cycle Show, Bike Motion and Velofollies in Belgium, Cycle Mode in Tokyo and China Cycle in Shanghai.

Events for Campagnolo also mean races: Gran Fondo. Campagnolo is honored to give its name and support to the most important Gran Fondo events. 

Another very successful project is the Campagnolo Experience. This is a cycle tour organized in collaboration with Thomson Bike Tour that offers cycling fans the chance to take part of a tour that takes them through the most wonderful places in Italy (Lazio, Tuscany, Emilia and Veneto) ending in Vicenza with an exciting visit to the Campagnolo units to conclude the experience.

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