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11s Bar End Controls

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Electronic Groupsets
11s Bar End Controls
Designed in the hands of the athletes


Multi-shifting Technology

Multishifting Technology

Thanks to the electronic evolution of the Multi-shifting technology, it is possible to obtain multi shifting with 11 gear-cogs.
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Weight 167 gr.
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Features & Benefits

Back-to-zero position: it allows the lever to maintain the initial position selected by the athlete. It reduces the effort
required to shift it and to keep the lever in a position of maximum aerodynamic efficiency.
Adjustable initial position: it allows you to place the controls in a fully ergonomic position with respect to the shape of the handlebar and the personal position of the hands.
Multi-shifting system™: possibility to shift up or down up to 3 cogs at a time.
External cable connection: cables are easy to install and remove ? there is no need to remove the controls.
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