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TRI/TT -  EPS Electronic Grouspet
TRI/TT - EPS Electronic Grouspet
Triathlon - Time Trial
EPS Electronic Groupsets
TRI/TT - Wheels
TRI/TT - Wheels
Triathlon - Time Trial
High Profile Wheelsets
TRI/TT - Athletes
TRI/TT - Athletes
Triathlon - Time Trial
Teams & Athletes


When the margin of victory is measured in milliseconds the smallest bike details count and perfection is the ultimate goal.
To make the most of each gram, watt and drop of sweat in order to put you on the winning side of those milliseconds Campagnolo has designed and developed, together with the best Triathlon and Time Trial athletes on the road, a range of products dedicated to these disciplines.
The Campagnolo mission to continuously innovate cycling technology to improve the efficiency and experience in the saddle of all athletes extends also to the world of Triathlon. Research and Development engineers work exhaustively to find solutions that confer an aerodynamic advantage, increased control, optimum performance and ever-increasing efficiencies.
Electronic drivetrain commands on aero brake levers, aerodynamic and extremely stiff tri-specific cranksets, precision shifting and wheels that slice through the wind represent only a few of the ways Campagnolo is raising the triathlon bar.
The starting gun has sounded. With Campagnolo equipment for triathlon and TT you can be sure to reach the finish line faster and fresher than you ever imagined.

Electronic groupsets Triathlon

Both Triathlon and Time Trial are disciplines that depend greatly on efficiencies and with no way to shift more efficiently than with Campagnolo EPS it is the clear choice for those wanting an added edge come race day.
Lightning-fast and laser-precise shifting with only the slightest flick of the finger means optimum performance and no energy lost while selecting gears.

Wheel Triathlon

In the race against time the stopwatch is your most feared adversary.
To have an advantage over him you need not only great physical condition but also a technological advantage in the form of the best bike equipment. While Campagnolo can’t improve your condition we can transform your ride into a performance machine through lightweight, aerodynamic and highly reactive wheels that have extremely low rolling resistance.
With Campagnolo wheels you will waste less energy and pedal farther with each stroke, keeping you fresher ahead of your upcoming run or for that final burst to shave seconds off the clock.
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