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N3W is our future: a single standard to manage
all the Campagnolo cassettes… present, past and... still to come!

One ring to rule them all

N3W has the same groove profile as the classic Campagnolo body but it is 4.4 mm shorter, making it lighter.

To make it compatible with ALL of today’s cassettes with 11-tooth starting sprockets, simply use the N3W ring (kit ring + ring code AC21-N3W) which makes them the same length as the classic body.

Classic Campagnolo body

Compatible with 10-11-12 speed cassettes

N3W Campagnolo body

A new standard preparing us for the future

N3W Campagnolo body + N3W adapter

Backward compatibility with 10-11-12 speed cassettes

Ride with us!

The cycling industry has already shown itself to be very receptive to this new standard, but we want to do even more! Campagnolo wants to grant the license for this standard and the registered trademark N3W to any manufacturers who meet the technical and production specifications for this new body.

License and designs
  • List of licensees

  • Next update July 30, 2020

CHOSEN, DAMIL Components Srl, DT Swiss, FULCRUM, Glory Wheel, Industry Nine Componentry, MG Components /NEWMEN, TUNE

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