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29 January 2013

Campagnolo is the TITLE SPONSOR of the Campagnolo Gran Fondo New York.

This event forms part of a broad strategy from the company to continue its growth and visibility globally through a series of strategic investments and initiatives including the sponsorship of the highest caliber professional teams and athletes, the most iconic and prestigious events, innovative communication
and an increasingly international support structure. While Campagnolo continues to produce its products entirely in house in Campagnolo facilities in the EU, it has recognized the need to establish a more complete presence internationally and is making significant investments to do so.

The CAMPAGNOLO GRAN FONDO NEW YORK, along with the hugely successful GRANFONDO CAMPAGNOLO ROMA, will give cyclists the world over the opportunity to experience not only a once in a lifetime cycling event but also the opportunity do so in two of the most iconic cities in the world.
Campagnolo, who has been at the center of the cycling world throughout history, seeks to build a stronger relationship with passionate cycling enthusiasts across the globe and finds no more appropriate settings than the two cities it has chosen.
Rome, being the historic epicenter of the globe, is a fitting scenario for an event that bears the name of the prestigious cycling company that has played such a pivotal role in the evolution of the sport through history.
New York, on the other hand, is the epicenter of the modern world, famous to all as a center for innovation, where the most prestigious companies in the world strive to establish a presence. The city seems to highlight the road ahead for Campagnolo, who continues to invest, innovate and grow to become an ever-greater point of reference in the future of cycling.
Only two cities as unique and important as Rome and New York would be capable of transmitting the passion that Campagnolo hopes to communicate to cyclists across the globe.
Valentino Campagnolo, president of the Campagnolo group, states, "We are very excited to announce the partnership that creates the CAMPAGNOLO GRAN FONDO NEW YORK. This type of initiative forms part of our broader strategy of global growth and visibility. A large part of that strategy is communicating globally in high-impact events and sponsorships that are synonymous with the quality and prestige of our brand.

The Campagnolo Gran Fondo events in Rome and New York are the latestin a series of investments including sponsorships ofthe best professional athletes and teams in cyclingand triathlon, prestigious international events and global offices that will bring us closer to cyclists the world over.
We haven''t forgotten our central focus,the development of the most innovative and performance oriented cycling products available, and feel that this new strategy is complimentary to doing so.
In addition to important research and development projects, the feedback from professional riders as well as amateurs from every angle of the world are of tremendous value in the production of revolutionary cycling products.

"It is only fitting that Campagnolo, a company that has and continues to produce innovative, unique and performance oriented cycling components and wheels for athletes the world over, associates its name with a globally important location such as New York, a city that is renowned for innovation.
2012 saw the inaugural version of the extremely successful GRANFONDO CAMPAGNOLO ROMA and the CAMPAGNOLO GRAN FONDO NEW YORK promises to follow in its footsteps.
Two fantastic cities, two fantastic races and two iconic events that communicate the importance of Campagnolo to global cycling.

We believe in these events and their organization and are proud to be a long term partner that will help them grow in the coming years."

Those who want to participate in either of the events should register as soon as possible as GRANFONDO CAMPAGNOLO ROMA is capped at 7500 participants and CAMPAGNOLO GRAN FONDO NEW YORK is capped at 7000 participants in an effort to guarantee the best service and the most memorable experience possible.
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