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6 December 2012
What is the Campagnolo® Quick Release?

The Campagnolo® Quick Release is not simply a wheel locking/release system.
First and foremost, it is the component that guarantees the cyclist's safety, especially at high speeds, such as in road races. The Campagnolo® Quick Release project started with a very clear objective: the maximum performance in terms of easy assembly/disassembly, weight, smoothness of the wheel, but without compromising safety in any way.
The patented Campagnolo® mechanism is the one that best meets these needs. The lever is positioned centrally with respect to the axis of the hub axle, i.e. in the best position to put both ends of the axle in traction without differences in load between the sides. The axle is in the form of a cam and applies the closure traction on the axis of the quick release. Starting from the 2012 range, for the Bullet UltraTM family and for all the high profile wheels, Campagnolo® presents the brand new aerodynamic quick releases.
The mechanics and the design are those of the well-tested Campagnolo® patent, and the lever has been designed for the maximum aerodynamic penetration.

Thanks to the cam axle closure, it is simple and intuitive to understand the force to be applied for correctly closing the quick release and, even more importantly, the cam creates a mechanical impediment to the opening of the release, making it extremely safe during road use.
The fork positioned symmetrically with respect to the sides of the lever and centrally with respect to the axis of the skewer, enables an even distribution of the loads and forces at each point of the skewer, thus avoiding critical breakage points and at the same perfect closure the fork of the frame and the wheel.
The symmetry of the lever and the special shape of the cam make locking and releasing the wheel extremely easy, fluid, and safe.
The new aerodynamic form, moreover, considerably improves the aerodynamic coefficient of the range of wheels dedicated to time trial disciplines.
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