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BORA: the best just got better

20 July 2014
Discover the new Bora Ultra 50 e Bora Ultra 35
Campagnolo presents the new Bora Family,
the best high-end Full-Carbon wheels


1994 marked the beginning of something special for the cycling industry.
Until this point the industry had one idea as to what a true performance racing wheel looked like.
Then came along the Campagnolo Bora to set forth a new standard in performance wheelworks for competition at the highest level.

The Bora in 1994 weighed nearly 200 grams less than anything else available, incorporated fantastic aerodynamics, superior handling and power transfer that would become enviable by all.
From 1994 forward the Campagnolo Bora wheelset underwent several improvements that would maintain its leadership status and ensure that it remained the wheel that athletes the world over sought out for the maximum in performance, reliability and speed.

This tried and tested design however was destined to be improved upon as the Campagnolo mission to continuously innovate drives engineers within the factory in Vicenza to incessantly search for incremental improvements that will lead to real world performance advantages.

The culmination of the Campy Tech Lab’s efforts to improve upon this most iconic of wheelsets is manifested in the form of the new and improved Campagnolo Bora wheelset. Improving upon what was already heralded as the industry standard for performance and durability would prove to be an arduous task for the engineers and a great effort was made to maintain the tried and trusted design of the current Bora where possible while effecting changes only where performance could be maintained upon or improved without affecting other areas.

Solid construction methods and technologies such as the G3 spoke patterns on the rear wheel and pyramidal rim design were maintained.
The Bora Ultra version will also continue with the amazingly efficient CULT ceramic bearings…9 times more efficient that standard bearings, the will spin for up to 47 minutes after being run at 500rpms.

These staples in Bora performance combine with new improvements such as the 3Diamant treatment that trickles down from the recently launched Bora 35 wheels.
This treatment now finds itself improving carbon braking performance to the point of feeling similar to aluminum in all conditions  not only on the Bora 35 but now also on the 50 mm version.

Perhaps the most noticeable improvement will come in the form of a new, wider profile of the Bora rim.
Moving the width from 20,5mm to 24,2mm allowed engineers not only to improve upon aerodynamics but also to house wider tubular tires.

The wider tires increase control as the contact area between tire and asphalt is increased, thus improving grip in addition to creating a more comfortable ride.
The new wider structure also represents an increase in structural strength, thus rendering the already universally lauded resistance and reliability of the Bora even more adept at handling any course or condition that presents itself on race day.

The wider structure aids in aerodynamics, increases structural integrity but also allows engineers to create a lighter version of the famed Bora wheel.

While the contrary might seem more likely, the larger profile of the Bora rim creates a stronger structure with less need for material intended for structural reinforcement.
Campagnolo is thus able to give increased structural integrity at a lower weight with regards to the rim.  

The graphic application was also studied and a new method was utilized which allows Campagnolo to apply the logos via water transfer thus avoiding heavier adhesives.
This too represents a weight savings of nearly 15 grams in addition to a cleaner and more durable aesthetic quality.

Weight is further reduced thanks to a smaller profile front hub applied to this new Bora design.
Campagnolo engineers were able to reduce the weight and size of the hub while maintaining all of the performance characteristics of the previous version.

In other words, the same fantastic Bora performance in a smaller package.
The newest version of the Campagnolo Bora performance wheel will be available in both 35 and 50 rim profiles, both One and Ultra configurations and both bright and dark label graphic designs.

Not only has the staff at Campagnolo worked diligently to produce new standards in both performance and durability but important steps have been taken to guarantee that real Campagnolo quality is easily identifiable by the end user.

The level of quality, reliability and performance of Campagnolo carbon wheels is envied by many and several unscrupulous companies and individuals have tried and continue to try producing low-cost, false versions of the Bora and Hyperon wheels

These hastily made copies represent a real and substantial danger to the end user
The only way to be sure you are riding on Campagnolo quality wheels is to be sure that they are in fact original Campagnolo products.
In an effort to help consumers easily verify without a shadow of a doubt that the wheels they have purchased are original Campagnolo products, a new validation and verification service has been implemented.
All carbon wheels from Campagnolo will include documentation that can be verified via Certilogo, thus proving the authenticity or lack thereof of any given Campagnolo carbon fiber wheelset.

- Bora Ultra 35: 1170 gr.
- Bora Ultra 50: 1215 gr.
- Bora One 35: 1215 gr.
- Bora One 50: 1265 gr.

The new Bora will be available starting from this September. Visit the nearest Campy Code Store or Campagnolo Pro-Shop.

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