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Campagnolo & Enough Cycling

3 March 2022
Campagnolo & Enough Cycling collective

We’re happy to partner up again this year Enough Cycling. A new concept and a fresh new kit, the same spirit and attitude.

The Enough cycling collective starts its 2022 calendar next week with Granfondo Strade Bianche and announces its new season theme “Crazy. Or not”. The concept starts from the idea that their activity should always be able to inspire people to ride a bike in order to be happy.



“Crazy. Or not” generates from the many comments received on their approach and on some of the rides they did last year. It’s an open question: what is crazy and what is not - that’s a fine line to determine.

The invite is to ask yourself that question, take time to find a personal answer, even ask for advice if needed and truly understand what’s going on inside yourself - to start an adventure inside and find what makes you really happy and in peace with yourself.



The design of the kit and the paint of the 3T bike, equipped with the Campagnolo Ekar 1x13 gravel groupset, reflect this introspective concept too, featuring an organic and free floating design.

The Enough cycling collective will race and ride all over the World, spacing from the USA gravel races like Unbound gravel to the most extreme adventure races like the Silk Road Mountain Race with a team of six men and three women, including riders like Mattia De Marchi, Asja Paladin and Maria Vittoria Sperotto.

Ready to see them on the trails?



©Chiara Redaschi

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