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Ekar Groupset

Ekar Groupset
Gravel groupset: 13-speed rear derailleur

Conceived on Mount Ekar, the 13-speed Campagnolo Ekar groupset is no conventional gravel groupset.

Ekar is the lightest complete gravel groupset in the world: reliable and high-performance.

With a wide range of gravel-specific combinations and no compromises, the 13-speed Ekar rear derailleur is designed from the ground up to give you optimum performance, the best riding experience and maximum reliability for your gravel, all-road and endurance rides, on the most difficult terrains where you want to test and challenge yourself.

Ekar offers the best of the proven braking performance of the Campagnolo hydraulic system and the well-known technology of Ergopower controls, all optimized for gravel use. With a careful choice of materials to achieve the optimal balance of strength, durability and lightness that gravel demands, the Ekar groupset offers precise control and reliable performance for gravel bikes.

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