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Super Record Groupset

12-speed EPS electronic and mechanical racing bike rear derailleur

The Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed groupset is the maximum expression of Campagnolo racing bike groupsets, the ultimate in functionality, materials and weight.

A perfect mix, to generate unparalleled performance. This racing bike groupset is available in both EPS electronic and mechanical models, for both traditional and disc brakes, giving a total of 4 possibilities to choose from. The innovative technology of this rear derailleur ensures smooth and precise shifting for maximum performance on racing bikes.

In the electronic versions you can also customize the functioning of the EPS electronic groupset using the MyCampy app.

The Super Record EPS front and rear derailleurs are also exceptional - made with high-tech materials, such as carbon fibres and ultra-light techno-polymers.

For disc brake enthusiasts, the braking system uses an innovative pad return system that guarantees reliable, adjustable and fast braking.

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