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Manual skills and artisanship have always been distinguishing features for Campagnolo.
It’s one thing to have big ideas, quite another to brilliantly turn them into reality.

This artisan spirit was evident right from the start with the first invention by Tullio Campagnolo - the quick-release, an intuition that changed the world of cycling forever.
At first he developed it for personal use, limiting it therefore to a technological advantage over his adversaries on Italian roads. He didn’t want anyone to know of its existence and he definitely didn’t want it to end up on the front page of the newspapers of that time. It was simply a means to an end… in theory. But functionality alone was not enough to define the concept of artisanship at the base of Campagnolo product development.

Tullio in fact worked tirelessly, not only to optimize the workings of the quick-release and subsequent products, but also to improve their appearance, beauty, resistance to wear and the elements and ease of use.

Still today, these concepts and this philosophy can be seen in all products developed by Campagnolo, from new quick-release versions to EPS electronic drivetrains.

Impeccable functionality is a given therefore, but improvement to all the other details is the real signature trademark of Campagnolo artisanship.

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