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Every day, many boast that they use carbon fiber, aluminum or titanium in their products, frame or wheels. As if just using these materials were enough to increase the value and prestige of the end product.

An ordinary cyclist may not even know that each different material comes in an infinite number of grades and qualities. There is Carbon and carbon, just like there is aluminum and aluminum.

These differences not only matter for Campagnolo - they are fundamental.

In fact, despite Campagnolo using these materials in all its product lines, the greatest care is taken during the choice and selection of raw materials, fundamental elements for the performance and quality of Campagnolo components and wheels. What’s more, Campagnolo not only takes the highest quality materials, it then studies and develops solutions in house that further improve the entire production process. In this context, Campagnolo is second to none and even our partners, suppliers and universities recognize the legacy of knowhow to be found in Vicenza.

Campagnolo is a business backed by a long history, also in the development of technologies linked to materials and not just destined for the world of cycling. Many solutions have been developed for NASA, for the automobile and motorcycle sectors, or even for biomedical purposes. A wealth of experience that means every screw, nut and washer are made using the best materials possible.

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