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Campagnolo's dedication to continuous innovation means that we never accept current limits but rather consistently try to push them farther.

This is the case with the latest development from Campagnolo® by the name of Over-Torque™ Technology. Engineers from the Campy Tech Lab™ set out to improve upon what were already considered to be exceptional cranksets.

The completely new Over-Torque™ product represents an increase in performance while also saving weight.
Following the Campagnolo® philosophy of keeping the bearings at the widest stance possible with a large diameter axle the Over-Torque™ construction has an extremely wide stance for bearings in addition to a 30mm axle diameter.

These two factors, combined with a newly designed crankarm produce a 5% rigidity increase over the current Super Record™ crankset as well as an increase of 10% with regards to the weight/rigidity relationship.

Although difficult to believe, this added rigidity comes with a significant weight savings as well increasing even further the efficiency of this component.
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