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Campagnolo is dedicated to continual innovation, and has been for more than 80 years. The need, will and spirit that drive us to continually innovate are fuelled by our constant desire to go beyond performance limits.

All our product development divisions share a single objective: to follow through only those products and technological solutions that provide a marked increase and improvement in cycling performance.
Campagnolo strongly believes that performance must totally embrace the experience on the saddle. This means that a wheel must not only turn more smoothly or transfer its power to the ground, neither must a drivetrain just allow for more accurate fast shifting, but overall performance must also take into consideration elements such as ergonomics and control, comfort and efficiency.

Campagnolo has produced and continues to develop systems that aim to improve the entire cycling experience, allowing the cyclist to shift gear faster and more accurately, to waste less energy, to transfer more power, to maintain total control and perform at a higher level, whatever the conditions.

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