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Introducing Smart Disc Technology

1 April 2021
Introducing Smart Disc Technology

Innovation is in our DNA, even for April Fool.



We first launched disc brakes in 2016 after years of testing and R&D and today we are ready for another revolution.

In collaboration with our long term partner Colnago, we’ve developed SmartDisc Technology, to be applied on the brand new V3RS DV (Double Ventoux) model. This technology enables the rider to add or remove a second front disc brake to the bike courtesy of a very simple, yet incredibly reliable mechanism.



Using SmartDisc Technology, it is possible to use just one front disc rotor on regular rides, but also to add a second when the route requires it.

This year, the Tour de France will climb Mont Ventoux twice, meaning that the riders will be forced to test themselves on high-speed descents that stress both the bike and braking system to the max. The logical choice therefore is to add a second front disc brake for incredible braking power.



Thanks to SmartDisc Technology, another leap forward has been made in both bicycle safety and performance.

“The 2020 Tour de France victory was a huge source of satisfaction for Campagnolo but it also left us with a strong desire to do more. We’ve invested years of research into improving performance on the climbs and in TTs but perhaps we’ve been missing the bigger picture. We’ve always neglected the downhills, where bigger time gaps are possible nowadays. So we’ve worked hard all winter with Colnago and Team UAE Emirates, both on the road and in the lab. The result: the groundbreaking SmartDisc Technology that we are pleased to present today.” – Says Campagnolo.


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