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Campagnolo Granfondo New York 2017

17 mayo 2017
Eventos Campagnolo Campagnolo Granfondo New York 2017

It’s that time of the year again!

The Campagnolo Gran Fondo New York, the spectacular and iconic event takes place in the amazing atmosphere of the Big Apple. Bike enthusiasts from all around the globe will arrive in New York to take part in this fantastic event. This, the seventh edition, has two different routes, both passing through the amazing streets of Manhattan and New Jersey and the thousand colours of Central Park, for a test of strength and stamina between the riders, against the clock and against ourselves. Campagnolo continues to believe and invest in this event, as we wish to export and transmit the Italian cycling culture and passion for the Granfondo. This event has grown into a highly symbolic gathering, and it becomes more and more popular for exposure and number of partcipants every year.

Our Campagnolo crew look forward to greeting you at the NYC Bike Expo from 19 to 20 May at the Penn Plaza Pavilion at 33rd and 7th Street, where we can’t wait to show and let you try out the countless new products from our 2018 range. See you in New York!

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