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Chorus Crankset 12x2 Speed

Chorus 12x2 Speed crankset - banner
Chorus Crankset 12x2 Speed

The new Chorus crankset is a true concentrate of technology and versatility. Technically advanced thanks to unidirectional construction technology in carbon fiber, it is produced directly molded without any surface coating and has an Ultra-Torque steel axle like the Record crankset. It is versatile thanks to its new ring of 123 mm bolts that, while giving it an extreme-performance structure, also ensures a wider variety of use segments. Available with 165, 170, 172.5 and 175 mm cranks, the new smaller ring of bolts on the Chorus crankset makes it compatible with 52/36, 50/34 chainrings and with the brand new 48/32 crowns.



X.P.S.S.™ Extreme Performance Shifting System

This is not just the acronym of Extreme Performance Shifting System™.
Ultra - Torque™


Lightness,rigidity, simplified assembly and maintenance
MPS™ Micro Precision Shifting System

MPS™ Micro Precision Shifting System

Campagnolo is constantly focused on the performance of its groupsets for all its ranges, from Super Record™ to Ekar™. Its Micro Precision Shifting™ (M.P.S.™) System fully refl ects this philosophy.



Length 165, 170, 172,5, 175 mm
Combinations 32/48, 34/50, 36/52
Weight 728 grams (172.5 version with 32/48)
Chorus 12x2 Speed crankset - small banner

Features & Benefits

The Q Factor remains the same (145.5)

The widths and biodynamics of the stroke are the same.

Unidirectional carbon fiber cranks, steel axle and aluminum chainrings.

Good stiffness and optimum power transmission.

Symmetrical teeth on the internal chainring

Fluid, precise transmission, even with extreme cross-chaining.

Optimized design for any chainring combination

Maximum performance, always

Double ring of bolts

Assembly of the large chainring on the crank is guaranteed by a ring of 123 mm bolts, while the two chainrings are coupled together by a ring of 96 mm bolts.

Surface treatment of the chainrings for longer life


Technical Documentation

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