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EPS Bar-End Interface Unit

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Electronic Groupsets
EPS Bar-End Interface Unit
Created for drivetrains equipping Triathlon and Time Trial cycles, the EPS interface lets you operate both the Bar-end controls and the brake controls simultaneously.


Riding Settings

The client can adjust the reference position of the rear derailleur and/or derailleur using the adjustment procedure known as Riding Setting.
Zero Setting

Zero Settings

The procedures to reset the rear derailleur and derailleur to zero are essential for the system to function
Waterproof -IP67

Waterproof - IP 67

The Campagnolo EPS electronic drivetrain complies with IP67 international standards.



Weight 24 gr.
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Features & Benefits

Analogue-digital signal conversion: transforms the analogue signals received from the controls into the digital signals transmitted to the Power Unit.
RGB led: visualises battery charge status.
Two possible interface mounting options: the unique design of the interface lets the user choose whether to install it on the brake cable or on the handlebar mount.
Dual output cables: allow the Bar and brake commands to be managed simultaneously.


Technical Documentation

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