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Differdange - Losch

Created by the cycling club CCI Differdange, which was founded in 1911 and which is a member of the Fédération du Sport Cycliste Luxembourgeois (F.S.C.L.), the Team Differdange has been developed over the years.

When the U.C.I. founded the Pro-Tour and Continental Tour system, Team Differdange was among the first teams at the level of the UCI Continental Tour, and by this made the first professional team in the Grand Duchy. The team today brings together 16 professional riders, the maximum threshold allowed by the U.C.I. in the ranks of continental teams and among them 6 of the best hopes of the Luxembourg cycling sport.


  • Claudio Catania
  • Ivan Centrone
  • Tiago De Silva
  • Jelle Donders
  • Raphael Kockelmann
  • Olivier Pardini
  • Jan Petelin
  • Balàzs Rozsa
  • Maxim Rusnac
  • Rick Stemper
  • Josh Teasdale
  • Tom Thill
  • Larry Valvasori
  • Tom Vermeer
  • Kevin Verwaest
  • Laurin Winter
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