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The Gazprom-Rusvelo team represents a special collaboration as it puts Campagnolo in the middle of an ambitious project.

The Gazprom-Rusvelo team forms a part of the Russian Global Cycling Project aimed at developing talent within Russia, growing cycling within its borders and promoting the image of Russia as a force to be reckoned with in the global cycling arena.

The team chooses to mount Campagnolo in the most ambitious and rewarding of missions and we are proud to be involved. The team starts its fifth season hoping for a quality leap, both on the men's and the women's side with the young athletes Roman Maikin, Sergey Firsanov and Evgeny Shalunov will be sure to perform above their Campagnolo built Colnagos.




  • Aleksei Rybalkin
  • Ivan Rovny
  • Artem Nych
  • Igor Boev
  • Christian Scaroni
  • Dmitry Strakhov
  • Simone Velasco
  • Imerio Cima
  • Damiano Cima
  • Vyacheslav Kuznetsov
  • Evgeny Shalunov
  • Sergey Chernetski
  • Marco Canola
  • Nikolay Cherkasov
  • Petr Rikunov
  • Anton Kuzmin
  • Stepan Kurianov
  • Vladislav Kulikov
  • Denis Nekrasov
  • Alexander Kulikovskiy
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