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The new global partnership between Campagnolo and Rapha Cycling Club

20 December 2022
The new global partnership between Campagnolo and Rapha Cycling Club

Campagnolo’s unbeatable 13-speed Ekar groupset and Levante wheelset is now available to experience for Rapha Cycling Club members at their clubhouses across the world. 

The Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) now has OPEN bikes specced with Campagnolo’s world-leading groupset and wheelset to make the Rapha riding experience one that feels special, wherever in the world you are.

For over 80 years, Campagnolo’s forged a reputation for delivering innovative, industry-changing gear that makes every rider dream that bit bigger, pedal that bit harder. 

It’s a similar story over at Rapha, who design and create some of the world’s finest cycling apparel and accessories.

We have joined forces with Rapha to ensure members have an even greater riding experience when taking out one of their clubhouse bikes.


Hire the best



For those of you new to the RCC, let us give you some background. The RCC is a global community of passionate, active cyclists who have access to exclusive benefits and products to extract more joy from riding. 

The benefits are numerous and include: exclusive early access to Rapha’s most anticipated new launches; personal accident cover from Yellow Jersey Insurance; 10% of Wahoo smart trainers and 20% off other Wahoo products; a discounted subscription to ride navigation service ‘Ride with GPS’; a free one-month trial to Rouleur magazine; regular club rides at 75 cities around the world; plus a huge amount more.



And that “huge amount more” now includes the biggest win of them all: riding a Campagnolo-specced road bike. 

Global bike hire is one of the fantastic perks of the RCC and is available at a number of clubhouses around the world. Clubhouses are far and wide, from London to Los Angeles, Munich to Melbourne, and many places in-between. 

You can now explore aboard an OPEN U.P or OPEN WI.DE carbon bike that’s quick, comfortable and armed with Campagnolo’s 13-speed Ekar groupset.


Wonders of Ekar and Levante



As thousands of you know, the 13-speed Ekar groupset’s been chosen because it’s designed for the rigours and challenges of all-terrain riding that'll elevate your experience and enjoyment to another level. 

Highlights are many but, as a snapshot, they include: a 13-speed cassette for an impressive spread of gear ratios to cope with all challenges and climbs; dependable shifting even in the most challenging of conditions; brakes that deliver impressive stopping each and every team; and, typically Campagnolo, they look stunning. 



As for the Levante, this carbon wheelset is light for swift handling, stiff for climbing and beautifully compliant for descending

Two years in the making, the Levante was designed to complement the 13-speed Ekar groupset so you can effortlessly access the unique gear ratios of the Ekar transmission.

Typically Campagnolo, the aesthetics is next level, too. Take the stunning mirror-like Campagnolo Luxury (C-LUX) finish, which is so smooth that no lacquer’s needed. That said, it’s not all about visual stimulation as blemish-free moulding saves weight, too.



In short, it’s a special wheelset that’ll enliven your RCC ride wherever you hire.

If you’re interested in joining the RCC you can find out more and sign up here

If you want to find out more about the Campagnolo-specced bike hire, click here

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