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Granfondo Campagnolo Roma 2017
4 October 2017
Granfondo Campagnolo Roma 2017

On 8 October, Rome will stage the eagerly awaited Granfondo Campagnolo Roma.

Just a few days and the city will turn into the capital of cycling. There are plenty of events scheduled, with three days of great beauty awaiting cycling fans, which will see sport, history, culture, sights and fun rubbing shoulders for a unique experience in the world’s most fabulous, exciting setting. Campagnolo, the most historic, iconic company on the cycling scene, the fusion between the heritage and history of cycling and the ultra-modern technology of its high-performance components, joins forces with the city that symbolizes Italian culture to offer keen cycling fans a chance to enjoy an unparalleled sporting experience. The main route, 125 km with a difference in altitude of 2,025 meters, includes the by now famous route across Rome against the magnificent backdrop of the Colosseum and the Imperial Fora, with the entrants then pedaling out of the city into the splendid area of the Roman Castles and Albano Lake. It will repeat the past edition introduction of an innovative racing formula that intends to merge tradition, history, innovation and farsightedness: the CAMPAGNOLO CLIMBING CHAMPIONSHIP. This new race formula establishes a new and different look at the granfondo format by awarding those who are most adept at the most glorious and heroic of all cycling feats: CLIMBING. The increasingly international race is characterized by 4 climbs, each quite different in nature, gradient and distance. Instead of following traditional granfondo protocol and awarding one athlete who covers the entire course in the shortest time the CAMPAGNOLO CLIMBING CHAMPIONSHIP creates five competitions inside one race by timing only the four climbs. The Championship will honor the fastest athletes in several categories for each individual climb. Additionally, the athletes from each category with the fastest combined time over all 4 climbs will be honored as overall Campagnolo Climbing Champions. Just as is common amongst the most prestigious professional races in the cycling world, the CAMPAGNOLO CLIMBING CHAMPIONSHIP will award a dedicated jersey to those exceptional riders who have won an individual climb or the overall 4 climb challenge. The 5 jerseys are similar in design but differentiated by color in order to identify easily with the climb they each represent. By winning any of the 5 competitions a CAMPAGNOLO CLIMBING CHAMPION earns the right to have his or her name and time entered into the prestigious CAMPAGNOLO WALL OF FAME in addition to defending his or her jersey in the following year’s Granfondo Campagnolo Roma.

At the Expo Village at Terme di Caracalla Campagnolo will be happy to show you all its new entries for the 2018 range, recently presented to the international press. Wheels see the addition of plenty of revolutionary models, including the Bora Next Level with new AC3 technology and the new Scirocco with C17 profile. The “Disc Brake Project” has aroused lots of curiosity, with creation of a real family of components for disc brakes, covering everything from top of the range, both EPS and mechanical, through to the Potenza 11 version. The range of components also sees the arrival of the new Centaur, an 11-speed groupset in aluminum with surprising performance.

Come and see us! Campagnolo looks forward to seeing you, ready to answer all your questions.

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