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Campagnolo is waiting for you at the XXII L'Eroica

2 October 2018
Campagnolo is waiting for you at the XXII L'Eroica

From 4 to 7 October Gaiole will be the backdrop for the rediscovery of the values of cycling from the past.

Also this year Campagnolo will be L’Eroica partner. This initiative is an idea by Giancarlo Brocci and it was born out of love towards that cycling that made history and created a lot of Italian literature. The aim of the event is to research the authentic roots of a wonderful sport, with a great popular soul, as well as rediscover the beauty of hard work and the love for enterprise. Today L’Eroica is an example of enhancement of the environmental heritage, of a sustainable lifestyle, of a clean cycling that, looking at the past, is a promise for the future.

The international success is overwhelming; this is witnessed by more of 7,000 people subscribed with limited number coming from all over the world and approximately 15,000 people who, the first week in October, make Gaiole in Chianti even more beautiful than usual.

Campagnolo is official partner of all Eroica events. Ricasoli wine cellars will host an exhibition of historic material of heroic cycling. Next to the gems of the past, Campagnolo will present the new 12 speed groups, part of 2019 range, together with the merchandising and the new clothing line available on Campagnolo e-commerce website.

We look forward to seeing you!

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