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Ekar C13 Chain

Ekar 13x1 speed chain - banner
Ekar C13 Chain

The new C13 chain is a vital element of the Ekar mechanical groupset; along with providing an efficient drive, in gravel riding a chain must work perfectly to contribute to the derailleur smooth, quick gear shifts, and always remain secure. It must also be strong and durable – and the Ekar C13 chain delivers impressively on all fronts. At just 4.9mm wide the C13 chain is 0.25mm narrower than the highly efficient Campagnolo 12-speed chain but delivers exactly the same high performance and durability that Campagnolo chains are renowned for. The C13 chain mates effectively with the wide-narrow teeth design of Ekar's 1x13-speed chainrings and cassette sprockets for a positive, efficient, low-friction drive, and benefits from high security. Despite its narrow profile, the C13 chain is very strong; its C60 steel inner links have a Nickel-Teflon surface treatment to withstand the higher rate of wear they are subject to. They are pinned to the high tensile strength C67 NiCrMo2 steel outer links – a more resistant steel with a higher carbon content, coated with a Nickel surface treatment to withstand the greater mechanical stresses they face. The whole chain, made in Campagnolo’s dedicated facility in Vicenza, is subject to a unique lubrication process, with an ultrasound bath system that ensures the special lubricant formula coats deeply and evenly in every part of every link of every chain. The result is efficient operation and high resilience, providing longevity even in the tough conditions faced in off-road riding, with less demanding maintenance requirements.

The Ekar C13 chain is available in two options: Campagnolo Classic with the pin, or with the new C-Link™, for even easier removal and cleaning. This offers versatility to match the diverse requirements of every kind of gravel rider, worldwide. Both versions are strong, efficient and made with the same materials and processes, but the new options give you more choices – whether you’re racing gravel, taking on long-distance endurance rides, or however you choose to enjoy all-road riding.



Weight 242 gr (117 links / C-Link)/242 gr (118 links / Pin)
Classic or C-Link™

Ekar 13x1 speed chain - small banner

Features & Benefits

New C13 chain – developed specifically for Ekar 1x13-speed gravel system

Wide-narrow teeth design – for efficient drive, smooth shifts & high security

Narrow profile – light weight, strong & efficient

Strong, durable, links – with different grades of steel & coatings for strength and to withstand wear

Unique ultrasound bath lubrication impregnation system – for long-life efficiency

Classic Pin and C-Link™ options – options for every kind of gravel rider

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