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Campy Code

Campy CODE Shops

Campy CODE shops

During its 80 years of history, Campagnolo has recognized the great importance that cycling stores have, for the role they play in spreading the culture of cycling on a local level and also for promotion of the Campagnolo brand. Several years ago, this led to the birth of Campagnolo Pro-Shops, a network of technically qualified stores that were not just Campagnolo retailers, but sales points with an extremely high level of competence, able to provide active support for the brand with after-sales assistance.
This group of specialist stores in turn led to the Campy CODE project.
The idea behind the Campy CODE project is based on selection of those retailers who not only manage to provide an exceptional service and guarantee that Campagnolo products are always available, but share our values in such a deep way that they are considered ambassadors of the Campagnolo brand.

Up and running since 2012 and initially only covering the Italian market, the Campy CODE project has today achieved international scope. There are currently Campy CODE shops in Italy, France, Germany, Benelux, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and Singapore.

The objective is clear and well-defined: to spread, via these super-selected retailers, the brand’s fundamental values, namely passion, technology, performance and design.

What makes a Campy CODE shop special?

Campy CODE stores stand out for their dedicated, in-depth knowledge of both technology and products/ranges.
Campy CODE shops are also entitled to exclusive use of a fleet of test bikes fitted out entirely with Campagnolo groupsets and wheels and to special days when their clients can try out the latest Campagnolo products and technologies.
In short, Campy CODE retailers are your closest chance to “come into contact” with the world of Campagnolo.
All you need to do is stay tuned on the Campagnolo website, follow all the project updates and find your nearest Campagnolo brand ambassador.

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