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Rear Derailleur EPS™


The EPS™ rear derailleur is a tour de force of micro-technology.
Super Record™ EPS™, Record™ EPS™, Athena™ EPS™: a unique project that has further augmented the performance of the EPS™ rear derailleur by adopting advanced material such as carbon fibre and titanium and special treatments to keep all components waterproof and ensure outstanding durability even in extreme conditions.

Combining the most advanced technologies available today with the development work of the Campy Tech Lab™ team has brought incredible results in terms of performance: shift times are now 25% faster that than the mechanical rear derailleur (taking just 0.352 seconds to swap sprockets), and precision is excellent in all rear derailleur positions.
On top of all this, the EPS™ rear derailleur also
features Multishifting technology, letting the rider shift up or down by up to 11 sprockets at a time!

How easy is setting up the rear derailleur? As the system is entirely electronic, setting it up is extremely simple and intuitive for anyone, even with no experience!
The rear derailleur is constructed from extremely lightweight materials such as carbon fibre and titanium (Super Record EPS™ and Record EPS™), or aluminium (Athena EPS™).

The motors used have been selected from the best units available in the world and ensure superlative levels of performance and reliability. These are fundamental requisites to offer the rider an unparalleled performance and durability of his/her drivetrain.
The motors are coupled with reduction gears to deliver very high levels of torque for outstanding shifting performance.

The "Magnetic Hall Sensor Resolver" ensures that the rear derailleur always moves the chain into the ideal position for the selected sprocket.

Multi-shifting™ Technology:
lets the rider shift up or down by up to 11 sprockets at a time with a single control action (the mechanical set with Ultra-Shift™ controls can shift up by up to 3 sprockets and down by up to 5 sprockets).

Exclusive UnLock System:
a manual rear derailleur release system makes it possible to move the rear derailleur manually into the desired position in the event of a system malfunction. In addition to this crucial function, this system also releases the rear derailleur in the event of a fall and protects it from impact damage.

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