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Campagnolo Brand Video

16 September 2013
Corporate Campagnolo Campagnolo Brand Video
The name Campagnolo started its path to fame with a small invention that changed the cycling world.

Over 80 years ago Tullio Campagnolo invented the quick release in an effort to improve the cycling experience after noting an area for improvement during a snowy and grueling race in Northern Italy.

After inventing the quick release Campagnolo found himself at a crossroads.
The dilemma facing Campagnolo came in the form of a question: "Do I use this insight to find solutions that improve only my own personal experience on the bike while continuing to compete or should I share this capacity with the world of cycling so that all who ride will be able to take advantage of the innovations that could be produced?".

From the moment he decided that he would hang up his racing shoes and choose the latter he and the company that bears his last name has been dedicated to continuous innovation in order to time and time again improve the cycling experience.

Understanding the passion not only of the professional rider but also the amateur racer, the weekend warrior, the fitness enthusiast or any other cyclist that just loves to ride has been a factor of fundamental importance over the past 80 years for Campagnolo to be able to produce wheels and components that not only satisfy but that convey something more.
The family owned company has always sought to bring forth products and equipment that were inspired by a burning passion to ride freely on two wheels; whether to beat an adversary, to challenge the stopwatch or challenge personal limits.

Campagnolo has come to symbolize cycling passion through this dedication. The Campagnolo name and logo have become so synonymous with this passion that it is not uncommon to find enthusiasts with 50th anniversary groupsets still unused on their coffee tables, Campagnolo themed art on their walls in their own homes or even those that have made even more permanent statements in the form of Campagnolo tattoos.

While he certainly didn''t have a Campagnolo tattoo, Tullio understood that same passion.
The Campagnolo Family understands that passion. The employees that make up the Campagnolo company understand that passion.

Everyone in the Campagnolo organization understands that passion, from the owner to the factory worker, because they all have that same passion inside.

It is with that spirit that Campagnolo is proud to produce products that people are passionate about because it stems from the common love that we all have; cycling.

\rThe newest video in the Campagnolo Video Series speaks to the common thread that we share with cyclists; our passion for cycling.

We hope that you enjoy this video and will share it with as many as possible as it serves as our own demonstration of thanks for all of those cyclists who have trusted their time in the saddle to Campagnolo.

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