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MyCampy: a handy app for all cyclists

22 January 2019
MyCampy: a handy app for all cyclists

Keeping track of your bicycle use has never been so easy: discover now the secrets of MyCampy.

A passion for cycling and racing bikes is sparked not just during training or competitions - it's something a cyclist feels every minute of the day.

This passion is expressed in many different ways and the bicycle is the focus, the hub that everything revolves around. More than just a tool, it's the symbol of commitment, dedication, sacrifice and satisfaction.

This idea of the bicycle is what inspired MyCampy - the Campagnolo app designed to offer all cyclists a service that's useful, innovative and, above all, free of charge.

It's an instrument that helps you take care of your own bicycle, monitor its use and manage its maintenance, just as if it were a car. But that's not all.

The MyCampy experience goes further, enabling you to interact with your bike and in particular its drivetrain, to the point of personalising its settings.

MyCampy is definitely an innovative project that will continue to evolve over time, offering cyclists new options, services and opportunities, whether or not they own a Campagnolo product. I

f your bike is equipped with Campagnolo products, thanks to MyCampy you'll enjoy an experience that goes even further, taking advantage of the full potential of the best technology presently available in the world of racing bikes.

Here are the main functions that MyCampy can offer:


A virtual garage where you can recreate your own bicycle and all its components. Bicycle rides and distances are matched with each element in the garage, giving a clear picture of the use of the bike itself, plus the groupsets and wheels. And there's more...

For bicycles equipped with Campagnolo components, MyCampy also offers a clear view of the state of wear of each single component, even suggesting when it's the right time to carry out certain maintenance tasks.





With MySession, you can register (or import from other devices or accounts) information about your riding sessions . These are the data that are then used to document bicycle use in MyGarage.There are several ways of registering a bicycle session:

  • Use your smartphone to register the ride (and thus the position, slopes, and so on)
  • Use your bicycle computer: link your MyCampy account to another, such as Garmin, to automatically import the sessions and match them to one of your bikes
  • Enter a session manually, providing the minimum information needed to match a session to a bicycle




MyEPS brings you the perfect experience.

This function allows you to connect your smartphone to your Campagnolo EPS electronic drivetrain and adapt the settings to your own riding style.

You can decide whether to activate Multishifting mode, and then define each operating logic.

You can activate and configure the Shift Assist function that automatically compensates the metric gear development by changing the position of the rear derailleur after a derailing.

With MyEPS, you can also select the performance settings, defining the reactivity of both the rear and front derailleur motors.

Lastly, you can even choose from 6 different command configurations, deciding which you feel more comfortable with.

You can then save all these options in a style or pre-configuration that, once saved, can be opened so that you can set your EPS V3 with just one click.

But that's not all.

You can also autonomously update the firmware of your Campagnolo V3 electronic drivetrain and check its general operating state.

So why wait? You too can enter the world of Campagnolo with MyCampy.

Download the app for iOS

Download the app for Android.

Find out more at

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