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The Levante – gravel riding taken to the next level

29 April 2022
The Levante – gravel riding taken to the next level

Campagnolo’s new Levante wheelset is designed to make your gravel dreams a reality.

Campagnolo’s prided itself on innovation and problem-solving since founder Tullio Campagnolo invented the quick-release skewer nearly 90 years ago. 

Now, in 2022, this desire to help the world’s cyclists maximise every pedal stroke, to dream bigger and ride stronger, continues with the gravel-specific Levante wheelset.

This genre-changing carbon wheelset is light for swift handling, stiff for climbing and beautifully compliant for descending

Two years in the making, the Levante is designed  to complement Campagnolo’s ground-breaking 13-speed Ekar groupset so you can effortlessly access the unique gear ratios of the Ekar transmission. 



However, the same ingenious spline design on Campagnolo’s patented N3W freewheel body remains compatible with 11- and 12-speed cassettes.

The H.U.L.C. rims are next-level, too, and the result of extensive development by Campagnolo engineers to optimise the usage of both fibre and bonding resin for the perfect blend of strength, stiffness and light weight

The H.U.L.C. rims – aka Handmade Ultra-Light Carbon –utilises the same innovative moulding process as seen on Campagnolo’s world-leading road-specific Bora Ultra WTO rims.



This advanced manufacturing technique, that capitalises upon Campagnolo’s near-90 years of heritage, forges defect-free rims for maximum strength-to-weight ratio. 

This durability is exactly what you need for the rough and tumble of the world’s gravel routes. Of course, precision and development of this standing is an iterative process that takes time and focus. 

“We tested many different mixes of carbon lay-up and hub,” explains Campagnolo’s Product Manager. “We did this with both machines and in the field with a number of testers over different environments, bike sizes and bike brands. So for each prototype we collected data and anecdotal feedback until settling on a collective result that we were all delighted with.”



Typically Campagnolo, the aesthetics is next level, too. Take the stunning mirror-like Campagnolo Luxury (C-LUX) finish, which is so smooth that no lacquer’s needed. That said, it’s not all about visual stimulation as blemish-free moulding saves weight, too.

As for the 25mm internal-width rims, these can accommodate a wide range of tyre widths from 38mm to a jaw-dropping 76mm to conquer any terrain and make every ride an adventure. More technically, the shallow centre channel makes the initial sealing of the two-way tubeless tyre a simple and clean job as you inflate. 



That’s further helped by the small mini-hooks that guarantee a much cleaner transition between rim and tyre, which results in greater stability and grip – perfect for taming the gnarliest of bridleways. The ability to run lower tyre pressures adds comfort, too. 

Gravel enthusiasts and newcomers alike will also be pleased to know that this system complies with ETRTO clincher and tubeless standards, so Levante wheels can be teamed with your favourite rubber, whatever the brand.



More balanced spoke tension strengthens the wheel as a whole, which also translates into a lighter and more responsive wheel that’s still more than capable of taming off-road trails, while the 30mm rim depth offers impressive drag-savings while still offering impressive acceleration – an attribute that’s especially important in gravel.

The sub-1,500g wheels highlight its race-thoroughbred appeal while Campagnolo aficionados will appreciate the subtle laser-etched, asymmetric matte graphics reflected in the hub bodies. 



Take a closer look and you’ll observe the coordinates that guide you to the birthplace of Campagnolo gravel – the breath-taking Mount Ekar observatory in the Venetian Prealps. 

Ultimately, the Levante is special. 

It’s a gravel wheel that promises to deliver you an extraordinary ride experience that’ll help make your gravel dreams come true.

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