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Campagnolo EPS 2016

29 August 2015
Products Campagnolo Campagnolo EPS 2016

Campagnolo is pleased to introduce the latest in an extremely successful line of electronic transmissions in the form of the EPS V3 groupset: the new Power Unit and EPS V3 interface.
The electronic transmission that has won many of the most important races in cycling has been further refined in order to ensure it remains THE performance solution of choice for demanding athletes.

With extremely precise shifting, industry leading motorized actuators and the longest lasting power unit available, Campagnolo EPS electronic groupsets are well posed to stay at the top of the podium, thanks to their superior electronic and technological characteristics.

What’s more, 2015 has been a year of great results for Campagnolo electronic transmissions, not just for the important recognition received on a technical and performance level in the world of Racing, from pro racers and teams. The Campagnolo Super Record EPS electronic groupset has also won an award for its design. The union of materials, beauty and functionality in a single product allowed this electronic groupset to take home the prestigious Red Dot: Best of the Best Award.
The Campagnolo EPS drivetrain was born not only to win, but win with style apparently.

To improve upon such a prestigious product that has won so much at the highest level of professional cycling as well as in terms of design would prove to be an arduous task indeed.  The engineering staff in the Campy Tech Lab have managed to find the perfect balance between improving existing technology and leaving the components that already pushed the limits of performance in their current state, thus maintaining the very high performance and further improving compatibility between the Campagnolo EPS system and the range of frames available on the market today.
In taking this approach, the engineers modified very little in terms of transmission and focused their energies on the power unit and interface 

For this reason, the updated versions of the Campagnolo Super Record EPS 2016 and Record EPS 2016 electronic groupsets are not visibly much different from their predecessors.
They maintain their industry leading performance characteristics and add exciting new features, most of which are housed inside the often overlooked DTI Interface.
The New V3 interface incorporates the lion’s share of the innovation placed in this award and race-winning electronic transmission. With its new design as well as a plethora of useful and innovative new technologies, this small component improves the EPS experience in a big way, on the saddle of a bike fitted with Campagnolo EPS transmission.  

The main updates:

  • Greater integration and compatibility, even with aero frames
  • Simple, trouble-free recharging – thanks to the new charging port on the interface
  • Improved LED diagnostics
  • Wireless technology permits EPS communication with PC / Notebook / Tablet / Smartphone  via Bluetooth / ANT+ / Garmin Edge 520/ Garmin Edge 1000.
  • Interaction system with the EPS groupset via the MyCampy App
  • Newly improved aerodynamic design
  • New shape fits perfectly on stem or bars
  • New multi-color LEDs – visible on three sides allowing rider to see information from any position.

Thanks to its wireless communication capabilities the new Super Record EPS 2016 and Record EPS 2016 can be completely customized.  Its functions can be tailored to the exact demands of any given cyclist, by way of the MyCampy App, soon to be available for iPhones and Android devices.
The new V3 interface power unit will allow users to customize their Campagnolo EPS electronic transmission, choosing the function of individual buttons and levers and settings for the EPS system, downloading software updates and much more.

By way of this new and improved technology, the EPS groupset is no longer a drivetrain with one way communication but rather an interactive system with which the athlete can dialogue with his or her drivetrain. 

The other face of change within the V3 groupset comes in the form of a component that is perhaps the least visible of all. The Power Unit was originally modified to be mounted internally both to protect it from the elements as well as to confer an aerodynamic advantage to the overall build. With the advent of increasingly aerodynamic frames and with them even slimmer tube forms Campagnolo has produced an even more advanced version of its power unit; the V3.

This new version of the internal power unit maintains all of the previous characteristics and technologies that derive from the V2 such as a vibration absorbing outer material, ultrasonic seals providing a waterproof construction and industry leading autonomy and house them all in a slimmer, more versatile package.

This new structure opens up the possibilities for internal mounting not only in the most aerodynamic framesets with very slim tube designs but also gives a greater deal of flexibility with regards to placement within the frameset. Thanks to this new slim structure the EPS advantage is now available for all frames, no matter which make or model you choose.

Summing up, the new Super Record EPS and Record EPS are a real step forward in technology, opening up the era of digital communication not only between components, but also between user and system.
Another factor that must be highlighted is that this considerable increase in the infinite versatility and compatibility of the electronic groupsets has in no way reduced the performance of the same.

So, what are you waiting for?
Check out the new Super Record EPS 2016, Record EPS 2016 groupsets and the MyCampy App and join the digital world of Campagnolo.
The latest evolution in the world of electronic transmissions is already here.
For orders and availability, contact your nearest Pro-Shop.

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