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What we do

Campagnolo Srl produces road bicycle high performance groupsets, components and wheels

Whether wheels, brakes or drivetrain components, at Campagnolo we always start with the premise that each product we design is primarily a safety device before it is a performance tool.

Our key, mandatory goal is never, therefore, weight or any other performance parameter, but maximum attention and study of material sizing and thicknesses and industrial processes, to ensure long-lasting finished product quality that translates into absolute safety for the user. This prerogative means that combination and interaction between industrial machinery and humans during the production process is the best formula for achieving this objective, even if it obviously leads to higher costs. This is one of the main reasons why you must not imagine that products that carry out the same function are all the same!

The reasoning behind our products
Campagnolo designs, develops and produces solutions for road cycling and gravel. All our products aim to optimize the performance of cyclists, whatever the conditions.
Each element, each component is therefore conceived to work to perfection as part of a shifting system whose strength lies in the set of individual elements as a whole. The quality of the gear shift, in the same way as how the shifter feels, are just some of the advantages best obtained by perfect integration of the individual components, like the instruments in an orchestra.
The role of each single element becomes crucial; take the chain for example. Apparently a banal component, the study behind its functioning and technologies put in place to produce it actually make it the epicenter of great technological innovations.
Each link in the chain is therefore checked several times during the production and assembly processes and advanced technologies such as X-rays are applied to check its tightness.

A concentrate of technical details, care and attention that make our products worthy of the name Campagnolo.

We develop technology for cycling
Campagnolo develops technology, and has done so from the start. Not by chance did the company logo in the past read “Campagnolo: international patents”.
A factory of ideas and solutions that over time have even reached beyond the world of cycling, out into space through collaboration with NASA, used in the car and motorbike racing sectors and also in the world of cutting-edge medication.

Today, focus is totally on the world of cycling where Campagnolo maintains its role as an innovator par excellence. Not only performance but also quality, control, ergonomics, efficiency and aerodynamics.
A concentrate of engineering that comes together in the Campy Tech Lab, the Campagnolo Development and Design division. A young environment driven by experienced innovators, this is the beating heart of our company, this is where ideas turn into drawings, designs and products.

A range for all needs
Campagnolo produces components, groupsets and wheels for the world of road cycling and gravel. Campagnolo products stand out for the attention, high technology, innovation and processes used at each and every stage, from conception through development to production and testing.
In the fifties, Campagnolo was the first to introduce the concept of the complete groupset, then the first company to think of racing bike drivetrains as a single element, made up of components that have to work together in perfect symbiosis.
Today, the Campagnolo range includes both 12-speed groupset Super Record, Record, Chorus and 11-speed mechanical groupsets, Potenza11 and Centaur. The range has also seen the addition of the lightest electronic groupsets on the market for racing bikes: the Super Record EPS 12 Speed and  Super Record EPS 12 Speed Disc Brake.

The innovative spirit led to the birth of the first 1x13 transmission dedicated to gravel: the Ekar groupset.

Continual innovation drives Campagnolo to pursue new solutions that have, over recent months, led to miniaturization of our electronic components, the insertion of power units into frames and optimization of shifting in terms of both precision and speed.
But this is by no means all. Campagnolo was also the first company in the cycling world to introduce the concept of the assembled or complete wheel. At the end of the eighties, the Shamal was therefore the first “ready to use” wheel on the market.

Today, Campagnolo offers cycling fans all over the world wheels for road bikes in carbon, aluminum and even in aluminum-carbon. Solutions that meet all user requirements, from low-profile wheels for uphill stages to high-profile wheels devised to optimize aerodynamic penetration and therefore ensure maximum advantages in any conditions at high speeds, during a time trial or a Triathlon leg. The Campagnolo range is then rounded out by medium-profile wheels, an excellent solution for training or for mixed stages, where bike set-up calls for maximum versatility. The new aerodynamic standard for performance carbon wheels has a new name: Bora™ WTO.
But Campagnolo does not produce articles just for cycling. One icon still today is the Campagnolo corkscrew. A solution stemming from an idea by Tullio Campagnolo that combines maximum ease of use with unique design in an object that is refined and popular worldwide. Not just a household object, it is a true symbol of Italian design.

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