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born in racing
raised in the
professional peloton

Born in racing, grown in the professional peloton. Thousands of racers, millions of kilometers, countless hours of testing in the world’s toughest arena: Professional cycling.
Thousands of racers, millions of kilometers, countless
hours of testing in the world’s toughest arena:
Professional cycling.
Campagnolo<br>                     born in racing<br>                     raised in the<br>                     professional peloton
Campagnolo Pro Riders: a Legion of Professional Athletes, an Endless Source of Feedback
The numerous professional athletes atop Campagnolo wheels and components make for a huge testing pool of the highest caliber. A cornucopia of highly trained and powerful athletes training and competing in every corner of the globe represent a huge base of knowledge that Campagnolo engineers can use to analyze current product, develop new products and monitor the integrity of our products in use by the world’s best athletes.
Total km Campagnolo athletes
Total annual races
training sessions
Total annual training sessions
Total annual pedal strokes
Extreme component testing ground
The extreme conditions, demanding courses and grueling calendar that the collective group of Campagnolo professional athletes must face represents a testing ground without rival. Campagnolo products must stand up to not only severe elements such as heat, cold, rain and snow but also steep gradients, terrible pavement and extremely powerful athletes pushing the drivetrain with every watt they can produce. While athletes put these components through their paces, the regular maintenance of a professional rider’s bike puts components and frame under greater stress than normal as well with bike cleaning and pressure washing on an almost daily basis.
km of chain
Number of groupsets in action on the field
Number of wheels in action
No of groupset washes
The Professional Athlete – an individual testing center
The individual professional athlete works harder and puts in more time training and competing than any other athlete on the face of the planet. Each and every athlete is slightly different and they all use different frames, different specific sized components and ride, brake, steer and shift in their own way. This makes for an individual testing center tailor made for his or her style that offers precious and unique feedback. The extreme kilometers and calendar that each athlete must adhere to makes for a testing ground difficult to replicate in any laboratory.
Total average km per athlete
EPS battery charges per year per athlete
Race days per year
Training days per year

Since foundation of our company ninety years ago, Campagnolo products have always been the components preferred by the big names in cycling. Over the years, champions such as Coppi, Gimondi and Merckx have relied on the Campagnolo quality and precision that has accompanied them to their unforgettable victories..

This trend has continued through to today, given that many of the best teams and top athletes have chosen the same qualities and performance selected year after year by the greatest champions from the past..
This year sees a large number of teams continuing to use our Italian brand and the many new teams seeking victory will be joining the Campagnolo family.

Considering that teams and athletes from all over the world, the best male and female champions in both road races and triathlon events choose Campagnolo products,, we can honestly say that our company in Vicenza is the benchmark for excellent cycling components.

Again this year, some of the most important names in the pro cycling world will continue to rely on Campagnolo to give them that technological advantage over their adversaries.

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