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CX - EPS Electronic Groupsets
CX - EPS Electronic Groupsets
EPS Electronic Groupset
CX - Mechanical Groupsets
CX - Mechanical Groupsets
Mechanical Groupsets
CX - Wheels
CX - Wheels

Campagnolo performance doesn’t end where the asphalt stops.

While the quality and performance of Campagnolo products are perhaps better known for their innumerable victories on the road, they are equally at home in the mud and sand.
Cyclists can take advantage of the same innovative technologies and performance characteristics found in our road components while they pedal towards victory in the extremely demanding conditions of Cyclocross.

Campagnolo engineers have worked diligently to make sure that the same speed, reactivity and reliability you have come to expect from Campagnolo is never compromised even when exposed to the mud, sand and extreme elements so common in CX racing.

Electronic groupsets Cyclocross

Whoever said that water and electricity don’t mix never rode Campagnolo EPS on their cyclocross bike.
The Campagnolo EPS electronic drivetrain introduces you to a whole to world of cycling, where mechanical parts and state of the art electronic technology come together to create a drivetrain with levels of performance and functionality unlike anything you have experienced before despite extreme conditions.
With all components of Super Record EPS, Record EPS and Chorus EPS groupsets certified as 100% waterproof along with the strongest and highest torque motors in the industry the rain, mud and grime of cross represents no threat.
So go ahead, take Campagnolo performance to the mud.

Mechanical groupsets Cyclocross

For the better part of a century Campagnolo has been famous the world over for producing mechanical transmissions that represent the standard for performance, durability and design and before any component can earn the right to bear the Campagnolo name, it must perform just as flawlessly under extreme conditions as it does under sunny skies.
The painstaking lengths at which Campagnolo engineers go to in order to ensure not only that performance is guaranteed despite harsh conditions but also that the integrity of those characteristics last over time make our products an easy choice for the Cyclocross athlete looking for the best.

Wheel Cyclocross

Campagnolo has for years been the reference point for performance wheels as it prides itself on producing the most efficient and performance oriented wheels available. However, Campagnolo wheels are not only highly lauded because they preform to the extreme demands of the strongest riders in the world, but also because they maintain those same characteristic over time, despite their repeated use in harsh conditions.
This effectively means that the cyclocross athlete can have faith that his wheels will offer the same sturdy construction, aerodynamic advantages, stiffness, reactivity and low rolling resistance even as he takes on the mud, sand water and rough terrain of the cross circuit.

Team Cyclocross

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