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Info about Campagnolo electronic groupsets

Campagnolo electronic groupsets represent the pinnacle of currently available cycling technology. In this section you will find more detailed information on the Campagnolo electronic groupset world.
The rear and front derailleurs probably need to be reset. Resetting is a particularly delicate operation and must be carried out when stationary, with the bicycle positioned on a stand. Consequently, it must be carried out solely and exclusively by a Campagnolo Service Centre, a Campagnolo Pro-Shop or a mechanic specialised in assembling EPS groupsets.
The assembly and connections of the Ergopower EPS drivetrain components must be carried out only and exclusively by a Campagnolo Service Center, a Campagnolo Pro-Shop, or by a mechanic specialised in the assembly of EPS groupsets. Any tampering with or incorrect or incomplete installation of any part of the disc brake system, even of only one component of the EPS group, will automatically void the warranty.
No. The only configuration for the EPS drivetrain requires the cables to be routed inside the frame.
Yes, it is possible. Always check the product compatibility charts in the technical manual and seek support from a Campagnolo Service Center, a Campagnolo Pro-Shop, or a mechanic specialised in the assembly of Campagnolo groupsets.
No, this is not possible because the system only functions correctly if all the electronic components of the drivetrain are present.
No, the EPS drivetrain is only designed for use with double cranksets.
No, the EPS drivetrain is only designed for use with 11 speed and 12 speed components.
Yes, the battery charger is compatible with the V2/V3 11-speed batteries and the V4 12-speed ones.
The 12-speed EPS road groupset for traditional brakes and the road version for disk brakes (not the Crono/Triathlon version) don't have compatible components, so you'll have to purchase the PU V4 (12-speed) and the other 12-speed components. In the Support/ Documentation area of the website, you can find the EPS 12-speed layouts showing all the components that need to be ordered, with the relative codes.
The 12-speed and 11-speed EPS groupsets have no compatible components, so even the interface isn't compatible.
The LED may flash at different frequencies and in different colours. Please check the technical documentation (which is available on this site) for the corresponding meanings and corrective actions.
All Campagnolo 11S cranksets are compatible with the EPS 11S groupset.
All Campagnolo 12S cranksets are compatible with the EPS 12S groupset.
The compatible sprocket sets are the 11-29 and 11-32. The Super Record 12S EPS rear derailleur is not compatible with the 11-34 sprocket set.
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