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The Campagnolo Apron: care, manual skills and passion

5 February 2017
The Campagnolo Apron

There are some things that all cycling fans, World Tour team mechanic, bike retailer and amateur cyclist share. Looking after bikes, the manual skills required for fitting and maintenance, a sense of beauty, the road and challenge.

Campagnolo has designed the Campagnolo Denim mechanic’s Apron for all those who, for their job or their passion, share moments spent tending to their bike.

The Campagnolo Apron is not just a simple piece of workwear. On the one hand it is a functional accessory for your workshop and on the other, it is a way of sharing the values of cycling and Campagnolo.

The Campagnolo Apron is made in denim, a washable, resistant and durable fabric. It is adjustable, with side straps for easy fastening and comfortable fit. The front pocket makes it even handier, keeping all the tools of the trade within reach.

Some people even use it in the kitchen.

Check out the Campagnolo Apron in our e-store.

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