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8 March 2010
Corporate Campagnolo CAMPAGNOLO @ YOUTUBE
Watch videos on YouTube. \r
\rYou can find videos about the technologies, the products, and the initiatives organised in the world of Campagnolo. \r
\rYou can subscribe to the Campagnolo channel to keep informed about any updates applied. You'll be able to rate our videos, which gives us the chance to use your opinions to have feedback on our work.\rIn addition to voting, you can share a video with a friend, add it to a playlist, and put it on your list of favourite videos.\rTo feel even more a part of our community, don't miss the opportunity to send us one of your own videos. If it's appropriate we'll put it on our channel. \r

\rIf you have any curiosities, don't hesitate to have a look at what the Campagnolo YouTube channel has to offer. You can also find videos that are useful for the proper maintenance of your bike.\r

\rWe recommend, however, that you pay special attention, as the majority of maintenance and repair operations require specific skills and experience as well as the right tools, so just a good mechanical aptitude may not be sufficient for working on your bike correctly. So if you have any doubts about your ability to perform these operations, be sure to go to a specialised mechanic.\r

\rClick here to access the Campagnolo YouTube channel.
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