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The Evolution of a Revolution
14 April 2015
Video R11+
Most movements or revolutions don’t start with a wildfire or massive public support and neither did Tullio Campagnolo’s quest to improve the cycling experience more than 80 years ago. He had not set out to change the world of cycling but rather, as a result of his passion for cycling and competition, set out to solve a problem that had hindered his competitiveness. His cycling passion, curiosity to find innovative functional solutions and determination to apply them to the bicycle form a part of the DNA that makes up the Campagnolo brand.
The dedication to make these products not only functional and durable but also beautiful forms a part of the brand’s soul. 
It all started with a quick release skewer  but quickly evolved into much more. Just as a forest fire starts with the tiniest spark, the quick release skewer lit a flame inside Tullio Campagnolo that was to grow brighter and more intense with every new product to originate from Vicenza. From the quick release the company moved forward to drivetrains, finding solutions aimed at winning the most heralded of cycling’s events with the best athletes the sport has ever known. With each new product Campagnolo was already working on ways to improve the design and functionality of the next generation of componentry.
Continuous innovation was, is and will continue to be the mantra with which all operations are carried out in Campagnolo. There was no quick release before Tullio Campagnolo and there was no 9, 10 or 11 speed transmission before Campagnolo introduced them. The mechanical transmission has been the centerpiece of Campagnolo’s innovation during its long and prestigious history and with each improvement it has evolved to take on performance characteristics that were previously unthinkable. Step by step the Campagnolo groupset inches closer to the ultimate goal of mechanical shifting perfection. The revolution of the mechanical drivetrain has taken one more huge leap towards this most ambitious goal with the latest Chorus, Record and Super Record groupsets launched this year. 
The latest video from Vicenza seeks to illustrate this “evolution of a revolution”  and highlight the long ride that was necessary to put forth the next level of 11 speed transmissions:  #11evolved.

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