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Scirocco Disc Brake
Scirocco Disc Brake
Scirocco Disc Brake
Scirocco Disc Brake
Scirocco Disc Brake
Scirocco Disc Brake
Scirocco Disc Brake
Scirocco Disc Brake
Scirocco Disc Brake
Road Racing - Aluminum - Medium Profile - Disc

Scirocco Disc Brake

 A 33 mm rim with a 19 mm internal width profile, the Scirocco represents the entry point to the mid-profile rim segment, where aerodynamics combines with comfort over long distances.

The Scirocco Disc Brake is a sturdy, precise aluminium wheel with sophisticated solutions, like straight-head spokes and the 2-Way Fit Ready profile, assembled in a highly competitive race-ready package. This wheel has character and cyclists can choose to use it either as their only wheel or as an ideal training partner, offering an aerodynamic advantage and good rideability. It is the perfect range for those looking for an aerodynamic racing bicycle and ideal for triathletes as well as rouleurs who are eager to perform well on the climbs. Every watt will enhance performance, every turn will be executed with precision. Furthermore, the 19 mm internal width means that this wheel offers high levels of comfort, approaching those enjoyed in the Endurance segment.

To ensure the correct trasformation of the wheels, it is obligatory to respect the procedure explained below.

Procedure for turning Scirocco DB wheels into tubless wheels

Colour variants
  • 2-Way Fit:

    1739 gr.

    The weight refers to the couple of wheels and does not include the quick release, the rim tape, the identity card and the hub caps.

Price from 499€

Main Benefits

Mid-level profile suitable for long distance rides as well

  • The new 33 mm aluminium profile ensures the best aerodynamic penetration among aluminum rims, whilst limiting the weight
  • Easy to assemble 23 mm tyre thanks to the C19 class
  • Compatible with clincher and Tubeless Ready tyres

Safe and reliable

  • The spokes remain in position thanks to the spoke anti-rotation system technology.
  • The MEGA G3™ technology on both the front and rear increases the torsional stiffness.

Distinctive design choices

  • Installing tags on the inside of the rim favours distribution of the forces over the nipple and rim.
  • There is no milling so air penetration turbulence is not generated.

Main features

HEIGHT OF THE 33 MM RIM: Aerodynamic wheel in a medium-range aluminium rim: good aerodynamic efficiency even if they are extremely easy to handle with cross wind

2-WAY FIT READY PROFILE WITH 19 mm INNER LENGTH: It ensures the compatibility with a wider tyre width and facilitates assembly. Possibility to use tubeless-ready tyre according to the instructions on the page about “2-Way Fit Ready” technology (add link)

HIGH QUALITY NIPPLE-SUPPORTING TAB ON THE INSIDE OF THE RIM: The tab reduces the weight and optimises the distribution of tension, guaranteeing a longer lifespan of the wheel. WELDED RIM: Welding the rim translates into greater stiffness and perfect alignment with the external surface

ALUMINIUM HUB: This increases lateral stiffness.

OVERSIZED MEGA-G3 FLANGE ON THE REAR WHEEL (RL BODY SIDE): This flange increases torsional stiffness and offers greater response to every variation in the cyclist's rhythm.

OVERSIZED MEGA-G3 FLANGE ON THE FRONT WHEEL (DISC SIDE): This flange increases torsional stiffness and ensures greater rideability ALUMINIUM AXLE: The aluminium reduces the weight of the wheel.

ADAPTORS MAKE THIS AVAILABLE WITH DIFFERENT AXLES: It can be mounted on HH12 (100 mm front, 142 mm or 135 mm rear) or on front HH15 and QR frames by simply adding or removing the adaptors.

HIGH QUALITY FW BODY: The hub comprises the same components as the high quality wheel, which is available with two options: Campagnolo and HG11 (in aluminium with Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation treatment).



  • 21 steel spokes in the front spaced through the G3 system with double the amount on the disc side
  • 21 steel spokes in the rear spaced through the G3 system with double the amount on the cassette side
  • Anti-rotation technology on the radial spokes

Versions and weights

  • Bright Label
  • Only available for 2-Way Fit Ready: 1702 gr


  • Campagnolo sprocket set 10/11/12
  • Shimano sprocket set / SRAM 10/11


  • Black aluminium monolithic hub
  • Industrial bearings
  • Hub edge: 100 mm in the front, 135 / 142 mm in the rear


  • Profile height: 33 mm
  • Rim material: aluminium
  • Rim cross section (H x W): 33 / 23.5 mm
  • Rim class: C19
  • Adhesive label


  • Clincher
  • Tubeless Ready


The Scirocco™ Disc Brake wheel is entirely hand-assembled by a specialised Campagnolo® technician and is checked in every tiny detail with electronic instrumentation. This ensures maximum performance and reliability for all Campagnolo® wheels.

Comes with

  • 44 mm tubeless valve
  • User manual


  • Gravel / CX Kit for DB hubs with steel bearings


  • The price refers to the suggeted retail price
  • The price refers to the model in its cheapest configuration (ex. hub, type of tires)
  • The price refers both to the product and to the all package

2-Way Fit

1739 gr.

The weight refers to the couple of wheels and does not include the quick release, the rim tape, the identity card and the hub caps.

Kit for client


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